yume ship

Even in another life I will always find you

"What if we meet in another life where we were both human?"
The inspiration Hino used for this picture was Zero and Yuuki meeting each other in another time and in a different life.

“The two passing each other by pure coincidence. Yuuki either picked up the Christmas rose that Zero dropped, or maybe she had it with her to give to someone… Or maybe this whole illustration is in another possible world, and this could be when Yuuki and Zero meet each other for the first time… Those were the kinds of things I was thinking about.”

Everyone’s #1 Ship!! Official name: SubaYume. Well it’s an official name ships for the fandom. I really ship these two!, although for the past few months there haven’t been many SubaYume moments… I hope there will be in the end :3 like a ehem a kiss >.<

UGH every time I rewatch Sailor Moon Stars and Usagi and Seiya enter into what I call the “Romeo and Juliet” phase MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. You know, where they finally realize each other’s identities as Senshi but they’re not sure if they’re on the same side so their friends are wary of each other but all they want to do is see each other HNNNGGG. AND THEN when they sneakily do see each other TRAGEDY HAPPENS and Seiya gets hurt which prompts both sides to go from wary to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR PRINCESS/FRIEND because we have a separate missions/objectives!! Arrrrghh which then makes both Usagi and Seiya spiral into depression because GODAMMIT they just want to look at each see other and talk. So much so that even Usagi’s friends are like eeeh even though we shouldn’t cuz complicated reasons we can’t have a sad Princess let’s help her see the one guy who is for sure in love with her even tho she’s set to marry that one guy and have a daughter and a futuristic crystal castle IDK. And sure, it’s no big deal that Seiya was practically killing himself just so he can see Usagi even though he had just collpased from sheer exhaustion and injury. Let’s not speak of how both times they try to see each other they communicate in a telepathic deep connective way so even when they can’t see each other face to face they’re sharing intimate thoughts with one another–the whole world melts away and even surrounded by tons of people, it’s just the two of them in their mind and this pairing DESTROYS ME OKAY.

Fam…I just…I just love both ships. I really do. I feel like that’s frowned upon but I know I’m not the only one. I was a Zeki die hard and used to be anti-Yume but like…Yume tho. Experiencing the manga with a mind that’s open to the intricacies of Yume has been exTREMELY enjoyable. Both ships are vastly different yet similar. All of the characters are flawed and beautiful, dark and light. Yuuki loved/loves both men. Come on. Let’s be real. She had different loves for different men, but love for both of them nonetheless. Let’s at least have some solidarity on these things. I also wanna say tho that I don’t mind the shipping war. I mind when peeps get petty and hateful and rude…That’s not okay. However, I really REALLY enjoy reading chapter analyses and Yume posts vs. Zeki posts. It’s pretty neat actually to see members of the fandom approach their ship in such a scholarly fashion. It’s like each side is a separate scholar trying to justify their claims with evidence, theory, etc. I just think that’s pretty flipping cool. Metal. 🤘 I can see both sides and see where everyone is coming from, which has added more depth and clarity to the story for me, imo. Sometimes I prefer Zeki and sometimes I prefer Yume. I don’t shut out my appreciation for Yume anymore like I use to. I used to feel so guilty about thinking Kaname was attractive and badass and romantic. But I don’t anymore. I embrace it. I embrace Yume. I embrace Zeki. I embrace KaZe. Cuz why not. More love , more love.