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Why is it that I can relate to a triangle 




But OK I will muddle through them. tbh I’m not sure how Max would react… My first instinct is that Max would run. Like maybe he’d seem like panicky and caged and just run off for a really long time and Furiosa would notice but wouldn’t question it. Like on some level she understands that it’s a part of Max’s past but nothing beyond that.

I don’t think he’s the type to angrily rip it out of Furiosa’s hands because she doesn’t know the context of his distress and it’s definitely not her fault that he feels that way so I think he’d try to avoid her altogether…I actually don’t know if he’d teach her either because I’m not sure if he himself knew how to play the Saxophone or if only Jessie knew.

Whenever Max returns I think it would probably be unspoken that they just don’t talk about it, and it might be shoved in a corner somewhere for a while where Furiosa just can’t quite figure out what to do with it but knows it upsets Max. Maybe given over time when he’s more comfortable, maybe he’ll tell her it’s an instrument. Meant for making music at least. Maybe he’ll catch her trying to play it when he’s not around. And maybe instead of getting agonized like he thought he would he just finds it terribly endearing because she’s really really horrible. Maybe eventually he can’t stand the terrible squawking and at least shows her how to position her fingers but he doesn’t know how to play either and it’s just as bad and they’ll share a rare moment of humor before he finally tells her his wife played the Sax.

I dunno, maybe Furiosa asks if he wants to keep it and he says no, just scrap it, use it for whatever and she asks him if it’s okay for her to use it for her next prosthetic upgrade and he thinks it’s kind of fitting because his wife lost that same arm and now this woman, who has become so important to him would use the Sax as well in a completely different way in this time and approves.

Gaaah. I’m bad at this I stick to pictures. Someone who’s more savvy than I am at these types of scenarios write something that’s better.


Yume Nikki is a surreal RPG Maker game made in 2004, and is largely regarded as the “grandfather” to the series of surreal/bizarre horror RPG games that spawned after it, such as The Witch’s House, Misao, Mad Father, Paranoiac, etc. 

Yume Nikki (literally translating to Dream Diary) follows the protagonist Madotsuki go through her dreams…. and that’s about all that’s REALLY concrete about it. You wake up, you’re in a room, and you refuse to leave your room. There’s no dialogue saying that you can’t leave your room, but Madotsuki shakes her head and won’t open it. So all that’s left for you is to look out of your depressing balcony, or go to sleep.

Since this game is “Dream Diary”, you go to sleep. And this is where the game actually begins.

This is the Nexus. The Nexus is your hub to different worlds in Madotsuki’s dreams - though really, these dreams are more like vague nightmares. 

Did I say nightmares? I meant Hellscapes 

There is no dialogue in this game, and the game is largely walking through some infernal abyss reminscent of Louis Wain’s cat paintings, but there ARE characters in it, such as 


The Thing with the Quivering Jaw!

And the internet’s favorite,


You encounter these characters (maybe) and many more (maybe) as you try desperately to navigate your way through insanity looking for “effects” that can do things like turn you into a demon, or a stoplight, or your hair into poop

there is no real explanation as to what the hell is going on, but there is an INCREDIBLE wealth of fan-theories that people have come up with based off of the imagery and symbolism people have identified in it.

I first found out about it when I was 18 and DAMN if seven years later I’m not still fascinated 


pls unfollow me I am the most embarrassing person I know lmao

Yuki got way closer than I thought he would and I think I screamed a little but I’m not completely sure if I did >///< I definitely didn’t expect him to use both arms… I died a little inside xD

He was really nice and friendly!! (*coughs*andverycute*coughs*) Everyone at the Cybird booth was super nice and I hope they’ll come back to AX next year!!

Okay but,
trying to calm down for a moment, look at how beautiful she is in his memories. Aside the fact that her panel is bigger, and the last before we got to see his expression again, he remember her while she sweetly says his name. It’s so precious, he has such a warm and lovingly image of her. He doesn’t think of the fangirling Juvia, he think of the Juvia that loves him with all her heart. And this shows how much her love is important to him, how much the time that he spends with her is important to him, how much she is important to him.

He loves her so much

To those who have a twitter, just letting you know that Otomate recently made one for their international fans as well!

It’s been lacking love, so I hope you guys follow them and show support for all the amazing games they make! Hopefully it’s a sign that they’re starting to expand their business overseas and releasing more games than just Hakuoki. Personally, I’d like to see some of their other games get translated, like Amnesia, Brothers Conflict, and Diabolik Lovers, but they won’t know we’re interested unless we show them!

You can view their twitter profile here.

I understand that not everyone is thrilled with the idea of the MC and the guys having children in CTC.

However, keep in mind that the reason Voltage offers so many games in the first place is to keep their game content full of variety.

The more risque games are already altered from their original context in Japanese when they’re translated to be more “sexy” for overseas audiences. While some people in the fandom are happy about this, not everyone is.

There’s clearly an interest for pregnancy/family situations in some games. Why else would there be fanfiction and fanart about the subject?

Games like CTC are meant to be more fluff-oriented. They’re based heavily on common shoujo manga/anime situations and tropes, and sometimes towards the end of these series, the main characters are shown having children.  CTC starts from a high school romance, the most common situation for shoujo manga/anime; it makes sense for Voltage to choose this game for the pregnancy/family situation.

If you’re a fan of CTC, but not happy about the idea of the MC having children with the guys in the games, there’s also the option of not playing the Our Family route. You can stop at the Honeymoon route, and leave the game as it is. You’ll be happy, and the people who want to see a family centered around the MC and the guys as parents can be happy. That’s all there is to it.

Just like how Voltage tries to cater their games to everyone in their audience, everyone should also try to keep an open mind when it comes to the content they release for their games. They’re not all supposed to be catered exclusively to you. Voltage has a large audience, and everyone wants something different. If you don’t like something in one of their games, there’s a high chance that someone else does. It works the other way as well; if you like something, then there’s a high chance that someone else doesn’t. 

We’re all different people with different opinions, and the fact that Voltage recognizes that and tries to keep their games varied is absolutely amazing. Please remember to keep that in mind as they continue to release great content for their current and future games.

Hi everyone! Did you guys enjoy Scorpio’s voiced sub story? I know I did! (Suwabe did such a great job >///< )

I noticed that there’s been a video going around in the fandom that has the voiced portion of the sub story in high quality. If you really enjoyed sub story, I highly encourage you to not reblog/like it and delete your reblogs and unlike the video if you already have.

I say this because if Voltage sees videos like this going around in the fandom, then they’re most likely not going to release voiced sub stories in the future (or we’ll get something like Eisuke’s voiced sub story from December instead). Writing a story, hiring an artist to make a CG for the story and hiring the programmers to make the story appear in the app cost a lot of money, and if you add in the cost of hiring a seiyuu to voice the character (especially a famous one like Suwabe), the cost to make such a story goes up by a lot.

Because of this, Voltage needs to sell more of the story to make a profit from it. If sales aren’t good because the voiced bit (the only reason why a lot of people may end up getting the sub story) is already released in video format in high quality for everyone to see and listen to for free, then I highly doubt that Voltage is going to bring over any more voiced sub stories for us.

Voltage has explicitly stated that they do not allow the practice of uploading videos of their games. The reason why a lot of otome game companies are reluctant to translate things to English is because acts of piracy such as these, and right now the fandom isn’t a doing a good job of proving them wrong. 

I understand wanting to record the limited voiced part of the video, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. If you wanted to share that part of the video, then that’s great! However, I think it’s better to think a little before doing so. The sub story was released literally yesterday; if the person had shared it after the voiced part of the story was gone, then maybe it wouldn’t be as bad since the limited part of the story that Voltage was really pushing for would be gone. I think it would have been even better if the poster had asked Voltage themselves if they’re okay with people posting content such as the video posted. For example, I share CGs from all the stories I get, and I sent an ask to Voltage asking if they were okay with me doing so:

They were generous and said that they were fine with it, which is the only reason why I continue to post them.

Wanting to share things is okay, but there are certain things you have to take carefully into consideration before doing so. I know that it might be hard to understand in today’s society where everyone expects to find everything for free somewhere, but Voltage is a company, and companies have to make profits. If they don’t, they have to lay off people, and eventually they’ll go bankrupt and won’t be able to release the great content that they’re currently giving to us right now. Just like how you and I need money to eat, so do the people who work at Voltage.

Please show proper appreciation for the work Voltage makes by supporting them and buying the sub story instead of reblogging the video. Thank you for reading such a long post! I hope my message got through.

When your working photoshop file has gotten so huge that every move you make takes 5 minutes to execute and you’re just dying of impatience not to mention anxiety cuz what if it freezes, what if it just dies, and you lose your work??? And so you go and save and oh GOD that takes even longer… what if it freezes… what if it dies… what if it just decides fuck this shit and quits on you in the middle of SAVING and corrupts your entire file and you lose all your work AAAAAAH *is currently in photoshop hell*

Le gaspth it’s an adorable kitty made of ice cream!!! *0*

Me and JohnYume were talking about cute tater tot Mikey and how he would get all wubu messy if he were to ever find Ice Cream Kitty in the past. ( Via portal or otherwise. ) So both me and Yume decided to draw our versions because who can say no to cute? *3*

So here is the end result of my end after much procrastination and sidetracking. >u>” drawn with pencil and paper, inked with a 0.5 pen, and colored with fabulous PrismaColors pencils~ 

P.S. Don’t look too closely at IC Kitty’s face or the slanting floor. >_>”

Just a reminder that Voltage didn’t have to bring over elections of any sort over to Sweet Cafe.

Voltage brings over anime/manga art styled games that have already been developed in Japan. We get what the the Japanese fans want. We’re not going to get new games before Japan does unless it’s going to be under Voltage USA; the AmeMix line is proof of this, since Voltage is clearly trying to raise the sales for their Voltage USA games through promoting them with the translated apps in Sweet Cafe.

This general election is purely for the fans to enjoy and so Voltage can make more money through substory/ballot sales. We should be grateful that they’re doing voting events in the English apps at all.

I understand that many of us are upset that our favorite characters aren’t included in this election; I’m sorely disappointed as well. However, it makes sense for Voltage to focus on the newer games since it wasn’t until 2014 that they started to get a lot more fans. They’re going to cater to the apps that have better sales, and undoubtedly these apps are going to be newer ones since it wasn’t until 2014 that Voltage started to aggressively market their games.

The fandom is doing a poor job of taking this maturely. If Voltage tried to include every character in the election, then there would be over 100, maybe close to 200 characters. It’s not realistic; games come to an end, and new games (and characters) are released to take the spot left by them. Games with poor sales get dropped, while games with good sales get promoted even more.

It takes a lot of work to organize these kind of events, and it’s obvious that their staff is doing their best to make this something that fans can be excited about. By complaining and whining about this and that, we’re doing a poor job at appreciating the work that the staff at Voltage is putting into this event.

In no way am I discouraging fan activities. I love it when the fandom creates events that are made and run by fans; they’re fun and give everyone a chance to be more involved with the fandom. However, I think it’s in poor taste that we took it upon ourselves to make a general election of our own while the one Voltage is holding is still ongoing. It’s disregarding their effort, and it’s just plain rude; it would’ve been better to hold it after the official one ended.

Also keep in mind that if this election does well, it’ll be one of many. While your favorite character isn’t in this election, he might be in the next one. Voltage is trying to hear our opinions about this election since it’s the first one in Sweet Cafe; they even have a spot where you can put what characters you wanted in their newest survey.

I hope everyone enjoys the general election and tries to keep the negativity to the minimum. Have fun voting for the eligible characters!