yume nikki effects


Bunch of Madotsukiiisssss doodled during those last months :>

I’ve gotten some ideas and I’d like to do one or two little comics of those, but for the moment I don’t really know how to draw this… well, there’s nothing urgent anyway.

Oh, by the way, I’ve finally finished reading the Yume Nikki manga ! (I had totally forgotten its existence and suddenly remembered it last week haha :’D ) and I think I liked it… but at the same, I wish it could have been juuust a little longer… Things felt really rushed at the end, sob. But I quite appreciated the ideas and interpretations that it proposed, it was pretty interesting ! (Gosh, that’s frustrating, I’d love to elaborate more on the subject but I’ve reached my english limits and don’t know how to phrase the rest :’V )

(Has anyone else read that manga ? :o )

Yume Nikki Month (February, 2017)

Day 10: Favorite effect

The Karakasa is the most useless effect from answered prayers (and most traditional games, since the slow effect is pretty normal), but the dessign is so pretty I use it almost always anyway.

Day 10 of yume nikki month: Favorite effect! 

I frick’en adore the lamp effect! its to the point that I cosplay madotsuki with it! As seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrqoUxCfVmM 

I love the object head scene and I am working on a TV head effect cosplay for .flow and I am not sure how to do it with out being too heavy and hurting my self with my screwed up back. got any ideas?

and I like how it looks. and that it is useful. and I think it looks cute! so yeah best effect.

Sorry for the lateness of the upload, I crashed untell 3 today and then friends came over.