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Yume Nikki Month starts February 1st!

I think it’s about time we have a big event again, so with the help of many of you from here and the discord I’ve come up with a prompt for every day in February.  You can participate as much or as little as you want to.  Fangames are of course included, but to keep the name less complicated I just opted for Yume Nikki Month.  

If you don’t draw, that’s ok!  You can write or use a different creative outlet if you choose.  The prompts are pretty bare bones so you can take them and get creative with them.  Infuse them with your headcanons or don’t.  Have fun with them.  Just make sure it’s something new that you haven’t created before.  Be sure to tag your entries with “YN Month” as well!  

Prompts can be found under the cut.  I hope to see you participate!

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