yume 2kki (game)

Yume Nikki Fangame Planning Sheet
A Game Design document tailored for Yume Nikki fangames.

Not sure how to plan out your game?   You can use this design document to plan your fangame out before you start!  

It covers a lot more things like endings and such than what you can make for the jam, so don’t worry about having it all filled out or creating everything you planned.  It just gives you a nice base to jump off of if you need it. :)


スマブラ tag by シャン・グリラ

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SET 2 / SET 3 / POSTER / VIDEO TRAILER / OTHERS (Stages, etc.)

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Since summer’s here and people are getting off for break I figured I’d take the opportunity to advertise my Yume Nikki and Fangames discord server. ╰(❛∀❛ )

Come find people who share your love for Yume Nikki and its fangames, and go from there!  Talk about your theories and headcanons, tell us about your dreams, show off your art and talk with other artists, talk about your second favorite video game, your favorite shows/books, or just do some idle chatting.  We also have a bot named Alley Robot that you can play games with, a drawpile server, and a server CAH deck in the works. As always, if you have any suggestions for a channel or anything don’t be scared to put it in the suggestion box channel!

Some general rules:
★ Be respectful and courteous to others.  Please don’t harass anyone.
★ If you end up having issues with someone, please try to work it out in a civil manner.
★ Keep it PG-13.  I don’t mind swearing and stuff, but keep it reasonable please. This also includes any type of nsfw discussion. Please take it somewhere else.
★ If you need to vent about something please do so in DMs and not the chat.
★ Just use common sense!

If you are unable to follow these rules or cause issues otherwise, you will be banned from the server.

( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞     discord(.)gg/qUuv9yj

Yume Nikki Jam?

It’s almost April.  We should start talking about the Yume Nikki Jam again.  I’d like to host it and see what happens. c:

We could have 2 different types of submissions:

  • A Yume Nikki Fangame, like .flow or Yume 2kki where it’s Yume Nikki but with different rules and protagonist.  Must have 10 maps and 2 effects programmed in.
  • A Fangame, where you take the original characters and NPCs of Yume Nikki and make a game in a different genre about them (like a shoot ‘em up or actual rpg).

The jam would take place either on or the week before Yume Nikki’s birthday, and would be a week long.  

What are you guy’s thoughts or ideas on this?  Feel free to leave an ask, a reply, or a reblog.  :)

Yume Nikki Month starts February 1st!

I think it’s about time we have a big event again, so with the help of many of you from here and the discord I’ve come up with a prompt for every day in February.  You can participate as much or as little as you want to.  Fangames are of course included, but to keep the name less complicated I just opted for Yume Nikki Month.  

If you don’t draw, that’s ok!  You can write or use a different creative outlet if you choose.  The prompts are pretty bare bones so you can take them and get creative with them.  Infuse them with your headcanons or don’t.  Have fun with them.  Just make sure it’s something new that you haven’t created before.  Be sure to tag your entries with “YN Month” as well!  

Prompts can be found under the cut.  I hope to see you participate!

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  1. フリゲのコピー能力
  2. 霧雨が降る森
  3. 大乱闘2(妄想)
  4. 大乱闘開始!2(妄想)
  5. 大乱闘開始!(妄想)
  6. ターゲットをこわせ!
  7. 大乱闘(妄想)
  8. スマブラ参戦シリーズ 集合絵

by シャン・グリラ


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