I will be the first to admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to bath products. My brother’s fiancée made me this Chocolate Chai Sugar Scrub for Christmas and I’m in heaven! It smells amazing, feels fantastic, and leaves my skin super soft! I can only hope that more is in my future for gift giving situations. (I hear it’s even edible, but I didn’t try it). A big THANK YOU to gradmom!!

This is “Karaye”, a signature dish from #afghan restaurant Buzkashi in Paris. The delicious dish made by Omar’s mother (and chef), using mince meat, fresh tomato, onion, chill and egg. Buzkashi is the 5th Afghan restaurant in Paris and was opened as a family business by Omar with his mum, dad and sister five months ago. #food #yum #afghanfood #yumdelicious


Enjoyed some yumdelicious vegetarian hot pot with my fabulous roommates last night.

Hot pot, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a traditional Asian meal that is quickly becoming one of my favorite dining experiences.
You start with a broth that’s served in a hot pot. While the stew, usually with some cabbage thrown in, is simmering you get to work on my favorite part of the experience… Mixing a delicious dipping sauce. You are given tins of garlic, red chiles, scallions, and radish, vinegar, soy sauce, and you add these options into a bowl with some premixed spices….OH MY GOSH- so good! I add lots of chiles, vinegar, and garlic.
Next, they start bringing the goods- a huge bowl of veggies: taro, pumpkin, lettuce,mushrooms of all varieties, corn, broccoli, and some other lesser known veggies. You get soy in different forms, and eggs. And, a choice of rice or noodles!
Then, the magic happens! You start cooking your favorite veggies by placing them in the hot pot, you pass the time by talking to your buddies, and sneaking some bites of rice dipped in your special sauce. When the veggies are finished you dip them, let them cool, and the ya eat em! Followed with a nice bite of rice.

Hot pot is all sorts of fun and exciting and most importantly- delicious!!!!

Saw these lovely raw almonds in a grocery store and nearly fainted. Didn’t know these are available in Sydney. Took me back to being a kid and eating them at my grandparents place in #Afghanistan. The skin on these ones are thicker and the insides less juicy. The taste still tool me back though! I added them to a salad - very nice! #afghanf0od #yumdelicious (Taken with Instagram)