I will be the first to admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to bath products. My brother’s fiancée made me this Chocolate Chai Sugar Scrub for Christmas and I’m in heaven! It smells amazing, feels fantastic, and leaves my skin super soft! I can only hope that more is in my future for gift giving situations. (I hear it’s even edible, but I didn’t try it). A big THANK YOU to gradmom!!

This is “Karaye”, a signature dish from #afghan restaurant Buzkashi in Paris. The delicious dish made by Omar’s mother (and chef), using mince meat, fresh tomato, onion, chill and egg. Buzkashi is the 5th Afghan restaurant in Paris and was opened as a family business by Omar with his mum, dad and sister five months ago. #food #yum #afghanfood #yumdelicious

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