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I want the full story of the burglar now tbh. If you're okay with telling it, that is.

well technically i mostly dub this story as “the mystery man” story when i introduce it to other people i’ve told the story to, but yeah i can tell

this is a bit lengthy, im sorry, this is just how i tell the story irl too

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song rec: kidnap me by cruisr (its been stuck in my head for two days help)


(*dances* i can see why it’s been stuck in your head this is nice very nice :OOO)

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

“Over here, over here!” Nino shouted, waving his arms frantically.

“No, Alya, don’t you dare-”

Alya took one look at Marinette’s panicked face and immediately turned chuck her balled-up cover-up at Nino. “No hiding that lovely figure of yours when Adrien comes around. That’s the new rule.”

“Aaaalya,” Marinette moaned, hiding her bright red face in her hands.

“Oh, look,” said the sadist Alya. “There he is.”

Marinette made a noise like a dying animal.

Nino waved the last arrival over to their beach blanket.

Alya didn’t waste much time with pleasantries.

“Yo, Adrien!” She only waited for an answering wave before she forged on, “Isn’t Marinette’s suit cute?”

“Alya!” Marinette hissed, getting redder by the second and failing to yank her friends’ gleeful eyes away from the way Adrien swallowed and went pink.

Rubbing the back of his head, Adrien agreed, “V-very cute.”

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i got my friends into ladybug and then into heartstrings, and they told me "ive blushed less at smut than i did at the kiss scenes in that fic, goddamn" so i hope you consider urself an A+ kiss writter, you make people feel sinful with just a kiss

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS writing kisses and tension before and after is my FAVE i’m glad i ruined ppl hahahahah nice yes thank you

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Her lies weren't hurting anyone! Like it's shit to lie and all but they were harmless. Maybe she'd disappoint some ppl when she couldn't really introduce them to Stephen Spielberg but! No real harm. I don't think anything she did really NEEDS to be excused because she did something that's incredibly common. I don't think she's a bad person. Just young and awkward and maybe a compulsive liar 😕

and i think people forget that it was hawk moth who took advantage of her and made her into an akuma that seemed to threaten a lot of lives. none of that was actually LILA HERSELF. 

Blogs You Should Follow

Granted, if I gave you my followers list…which actually I should just do, that would be the best list. Because seriously, you should follow them.

Anyway, just wanted to do quickie promotions before I go to bed and this laptop does it’s “I’m low on battery feed me” whines.

There’s no question about this one. If you’re not following her, follow her. She’s a great Jack roleplayer, seriously, I’ve been roleplaying with her for forever.
And the mun is such a sweet and amazing person.

Being an OC mother nature, she is well designed, and a blast to roleplay with.
Likewise, the mun is also a sweetie (and hun, you’re not bothersome!)

Okay, we’ve only known each other since this summer, but for those of you that like Homestuck and fashion, this young lady reblogs both. 
And she is an amazing person to talk to. Seriously, she is very very kind, and amazing, and precious. 

-Volcano-Goddess-Pele/ xgoldenxemberx
Now I just met her, and I seriously want to give roleplaying with her a try, but she was very nice when I talked to her. From what I’ve read though, shes a good roleplayer. 

This person. Is awesome. We need to get our roleplay going too… 

This young lady is also a sweetie. And when I get back home we need to hang out DX
She’s a Homestuck reblogger (and then some other stuff if I remember right). Talk to her though, she’s really nice.

This womans Tooth cosplay. Don’t even get me started. Not only is she a great cosplayer, but a great person. Also a Homestuck, but ROTG too. She’s also a great friend.

She’s not on as often, but dude, she and I are irl best friends. And if you want to discuss Homestuck theories, she’s your go to gal. She and I discuss those things for hours when time allows.

Like I said, if I had the time, I would go down my list of followers and highlight everyone. I seriously felt these people need promotions though. All of them are seriously the sweetest people ever. To be honest, I’ll probably do more tomorrow when this laptop has the battery, and I have the time.

Now go follow these people if you wish.

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Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff


  • Favorite character

sweet bro

  • Second favorite character

hella jeff

  • Least favorite character

the stairs. cannot fucking stand those things. absolutely horrible. worst character villian in history 0/10. no real motives or anything. terribly written and even worse in canon.

  • The character I’m most like

hella jeff

  • Favorite pairing

stairs/hella jeff sinful, right!?

  • Least favorite pairing

hella jeff/sweet bro. i know it’s the most popular pairing but fuck, it’s my NOTP. hardcore.

  • Favorite moment


  • Rating out of 10

100000/10 best thing to ever do anything ever

yumberry replied to your post:Confession: I really hate how tumblr just thinks…

the xkit was accused of pedophilia i think? which was totally false. idk anything else. as for john green, yeah he isnt perfect and maybe he’s a little snobby, but he’s not a bad person. the total vile hatred of him was uncalled for

Why was he accused of that? Does anyone actually know who he was? 

I agree, John Green may be annoying but he really is harmless.

I’m not sure how bad the abuse he got was but I do feel sorry for him

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Kiwis don't have arms tho 😧 I'm very concerned for them how do they do things??

they got them long beaks and feets. if they couldnt do things natural selection would have come for their asses but those fuzzy bastards just keep on truckin hell yeah go kiwkis