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i hope u like them…!!! my favs are kawaii blue eyes and ofc my bby judai💗💗

How tall would the Diaboys be if they were girls?

The average height of a man in Japan is 170cm (5′7″) and the average height of a woman in Japan is 158cm (5′2″). Which means that Azusa and Yui are both the height of an average male and female in Japan. So if Azusa was a girl, he would definitely be 5′2″. As for the other boys, I just added or subtracted how many inches they were taller or shorter than Azusa and got their heights as girls.For example, if Ayato is one inch taller than Azusa, he would be 5′3″. Here are their heights:

Shu Sakamaki (5′11″)-As a girl he would be 5′6″(168cm)

Reiji Sakamaki (6′0″)-As a girl he would be 5′7″(171cm)

Ayato Sakamaki (5′8″)-As a girl he would be 5′3″(162cm)

Kanato Sakamaki (5′5″)-As a girl he would be 5′0″(152cm)

Laito Sakamaki (5′8″)-As a girl he would be 5′3″(161cm)

Subaru Sakamaki (5′10″)-As a girl he would be 5′5″(165cm)

Ruki Mukami (5′11″)-As a girl he would be 5′6″(168cm)

Kou Mukami (5′9″)-As a girl he would be 5′4″(163cm)

Yuma Mukami (6′2″)-As a girl he would be 5′9″ almost 5′10″(178cm)

Azusa Mukami (5′7″)-As a girl he would be 5′2″(158cm)

Carla Tsukinami (6′0″)-As a girl he would be 5′7″(171cm)

Shin Tsukinami (5′9″)-As a girl he would be 5′4″(163cm)

Kino (5′10″)-As a girl he would be 5′5″(165cm)

Which Diaboy fits your height? @totallydiabolik @silk-stockingshrew @diaboliktheories @diabolik-cracker-jack @diabolik-fan @ragefulpotato @pinkcaseotakadl @lizzy-allen-g @diabolicalvixen @hoshishiro @soboropan @diabolik-lunatic-garden @diabolik-translations  Also message me or something if you want me to tell their bust sizes or favourite alcoholic drinks or whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Diabolik Lovers Levels of Hell

So I and my Dere Type Friends were discussing our favorite fandom tonight! So I, Nor (DereDere or KyoDere), felt the need to share these with you!

Diabolik Lovers Levels of Hell Based on your Favorite Brother (Highest to Lowest)

Azusa Mukami (Our Purest Cinnamon Bun (or Marshmallow as we call him) and Yandere’s sweetie starts the list:)

Subaru Sakamaki (Our favorite cotton candy puff)

Shuu Sakamaki (Kuudere’s favorite Slacker)

Yuma Mukami (My Husbando, A.K.A. Farm Boy)

Ayato Sakamaki (Tsundere’s Hot Headed Ore-Sama)

Ruki Mukami (The MukaMom)

Kanato Sakamaki (Tantrum Thrower)

Kou Mukami (Idol Trash For Real)

Laito Sakamaki (The original Sin Machine)

The Lowest pit of DiaHell you can fall to. Beyond this point there is no return…

Reiji Sakamaki (Dandere’s TeaCup Otaku)

Carla Tsukinami (Mr.Manly Man Voice)

Shin Tsukinami (Sin of the purest type.)

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 09 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Dungeon-

Yuma: … …Nn… …

(… …What is this place? Looks like… …some prison… …)

Damn it! I knew Merz was up to something! That bastard slipped stuff into the food… …!

Right, where’s Yui… …!?

(… …She’s not here… …was she taken somewhere else then?)

Damn it. I shouldn’t be sitting around here doing nothing. I gotta get outta here and look for Yui… …!

*Shin Walks Up To The Cell*

Shin: Haha! You sure seem like a gorilla in there!

Yuma: Shin… …!!

I see. So Merz was on your guys’ side… …

Oi, where’d you put Yui!? You brought her along too, didn’t you!?

Shin: She’s with Nii-san.

Yuma: Nii-san? So she’s with Carla.

Shin: Pause. Don’t refer to my brother so familiarly like that, gorilla. It’s unpleasant.

Yuma: What was that!?

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Here’s a drawing I did of yuma mukami with yui komori!!❤
Yuma may be serious, and quite aggressive, but he has those moments where he’ll do anything for yui. Which makes you want to adore him!
Please enjoy!

Yui on her period (Part 2)

Since the first one got so many notes http://bloodycaprice.tumblr.com/post/146841778237/yui-on-her-period
Here’s part two. Giggity Giggity.

Yuma: Oi Sow! Where are my sugar cubes?

Yui: Wat. *Stares at Yuma while slowly putting more sugar cubes in her mouth*


Ruki: Livestock-

Yui: Daddy…my tummy…hurts *snuggles Ruki*

Ruki: *Boner intensifies*


Kanato: Teddy doesn’t like Yui-San like this

Yui: So does Yui-San but can she stop it? Can’t she.Noooo.So shut it you deranged Barney The Dinosaur Ripoff.


Yui: *Hops into Subaru’s coffin*

Subaru: Wha-

Yui: Shhhhhh….let the darkness envelop us…we will disappear together…..


Laito:*Enters Yui’s room* Bitch-Chan!!!

Yui: *Wearing only her lingerie* what are you waiting for?


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So, the ask about the over protective dads. I was wondering if you could maybe do some traits/qualities/characteristics or maybe a scene of Yuma or Azusa being an over protective dad, maybe? Or both. It's fine if you don't want to or can't.

I’ll do the M brothers being overprotective Dads for now, is that alright?

  • Ruki: 

Your daughter was up in a nearby tree at the park where you and Ruki had taken her. 

“Mom, look!” You sat with Ruki on a park bench, he was reading and you were watching the other children play. Your daughter was only eight years old, but she didn’t do what other kids did due to the fact she was part vampire. She had climbed a 40ft tree and sat at the top, waving and giggling. You smiled and nodded at her, waving back. Ruki however, put down his book and looked up to see his baby’s life hanging by a thread in his eyes. His eyes widened and before you could blink, he had flashed up there and grabbed her ad gotten back to the ground within a few seconds. 

“Dad!? What the heck..?” She pouted and got down from Ruki’s grip. 

“I don’t like you climbing that high, you know that. Please find something safer to do.” He cleared his throat, not wanting to come off as ‘not cool’ to his daughter and then he sat down and continued to read his book. 

  • Kou: 

His little girl was running around outside in the garden chasing a rabbit, when suddenly she fell. 

“Ow…” She muttered. You looked up to see her knees were bleeding. 

“Are you alright honey..?” You asked, she nodded. As normal, you walked inside to get her some bandages and a cloth to clean her cuts with. 

“What are you doing?” You saw your husband walk through the front door, he smiled at you. You greeted him with a kiss and continue on your way.

“I’m going to get some bandages, (insert daughters names here) fell.” You muttered and walked into the bathroom where the bandages were. You got the bandages and walked back outside and heard a high pitch scream, you panicked realizing it was your daughter, and ran  to where she had fallen, and then smiled. Kou was on the ground holding your sixteen year old daughter like a baby and cuddling her as she flailed.

“MOM- GET HIM OFF!” She laughed as she squirmed, “I’m find Dad! I swear!” 

Kou hugged her, “No you aren’t, you’re bleeding! From now on you have to either have me or your mom around if you’re going to be so…reckless.” 

“I said I was okay, I just tripped. Happens to everyone.” Your daughter took the bandages and began to clean and wrap her cuts

“Are you sure you don’t want me or your mom to do that..?” Kou asked, his voice straining. 

“I’m fine dad…I promise.” She smiled. 

  • Yuma: 

“Piglet…? Piglet come out to Papa please.” Yuma’s daughter had a habit of playing hide and seek. Problem? She never told you or Yuma when the game started, she would just vanish. 

“Relax Yuma, she’s somewhere around here.” You patted him on the back and looked behind the bookshelf, helping him search for her. 

“Oh yeah? Sow it’s been three hours we have been looking for her! I even threatened to punish her and she still didn’t make a peep.”  Yuma had yelled and punched items earlier during the search, you thought this would bring a five year old out of hiding- but not your little girl. 

“Yuma…” You whispered lightly, he swung his head around. 

“Did you find her?” He smiled widely. You nodded and put a finger up to your lips and pointed behind the bookshelf. Your little girl had curled up behind the bookshelf, asleep in a little ball with one of Yuma’s sweaters.

That’s where all my sweaters are going.” Yuma gently moved the shelf enough and picked his sleeping daughter up. 

“See? I told you she would be around here somewhere.” You smiled at him, he smiled back. 

  • Azusa: 

“Dad- let go.”




“Azusa- honey. Let her go, she’s eighteen.” 

“No…it’s too dangerous.” Azusa had his iron love grip on your daughter who was trying to pry him off to get on a roller coaster. 

“Dad, it’s not that bad.” She tried to wiggle out of his hug.

“Mmmm…it is very bad…we can ride the chair…swings…or…the tea cups…just please…don’t ride the roller coaster…” Azusa whimpered. 

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Yuma being in love (more like sexually attracted) with the girl Shu is a step from becoming her boyfriend, and throws his self-control after some time and does xx to her? (xx can be any situation of your wishes~)

Yuma watched from afar as Shuu sunk his hooks deeper and deeper into this girl. The way she looked at him made Yuma’s blood boil.

Fucking NEET doesn’t deserve her, he thought to himself, why does he of all people attract her.

“Yuma-kun~~” his train of thought was interrupted by an all too happy Kou.

“Tch. Get out of my way” he said swatting at Kou.

“Aww are you sad because Shuu-san is talking to that pretty girl over there?” Kou purred, “She’s planning on confessing to him next Friday…”

Yuma gritted his teeth at the very thought of it. Before Yuma could respond, the bell for 1st period rang and all the students shuffled to their classes.

I’ll teach her what being with a real man is like.

With a sly grin Yuma stalked her back to her classroom. Just before she could enter the class, two big hands made their way across her waist and mouth. He dragged her away and into the boy’s bathroom setting her down in a cramped stall.

“Y-yuma-kun?” she stuttered, “what are you do-”she was cut off by Yuma’s lips crashing into hers.

His hands wandered up her skirt brushing against her already soaked panties. Hesitant moans escaped her mouth as he placed two fingers in her, developing a steady rhythm. Yuma watched her facial expressions in awe as she writhed in desperation against his fingers.

As she was about to reach her climax, he removed his fingers entirely and positioned himself under her. Yuma slowly entered her, allowing her time to adjust to his throbbing cock. Once completely acclimated, he thrusted himself deep inside, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.  

This was better than anything Yuma had experienced, she was absolutely stunning and he stole her from Shuu.

He pulled the girl’s hair back slightly, just enough to expose her bare collar bones. He kissed and licked her ivory skin before sinking his fangs into her.

The excitement from everything pushed him into frenzy. His pace quickened, his bites got deeper and her moans got louder.

With one final thrust, Yuma and the girl came simultaneously.

“Y-yuma-kun, it hurts to walk…” The girl admitted timidly.

“Tch, you shoulda told me it was too much, sow” Yuma muttered.

Effortlessly, he lifted her up on and sat her on his forearm. Just as he was about to push the door open, Shuu entered from the other side.

A dismayed look took over his usual poker face, but, soon returned to its somber, neutral state.

“How annoying…” Shuu mumbled to himself before walking away.