My Little Pony bag by Iron Fist! I had this beauty on my wish list for a few Christmases, and finally got it! Yum Yum is one of my favorite ponies, and I adore the iridescent material. I had NO idea it was going to be this big! I was expecting it to be half this size, but it’s like a laptop bag! Also wasn’t expecting the longer handle that came with it :) New favorite bag <3 GO HERE to buy!


Mk, listen up! *snaps fingers*

All of you sugar baby’s need to ask yourself these questions before meeting with a sugar daddy

1) how much do you know about this man

2) by what you know, is he safe

3) do you know where you’re going

Tips/tricks for you before and after a meet up with sex


1) for gods sake wash your self

2) shave with coconut oil and/or baby oil

3) use a wash that was meant for your yummies

4) deep condition your hair (you may even want to wash your hair twice)

5) scrub your body with a sugar scrub to get all the dead skin off

6) (for your pleasure) dry your body with a warm towel that you just got from the dryer

7) THIS IS ALL OVER TUMBLR BUT IT HELPS dry your hair with a t-shirt

8) add your favorite after shower hair products

9) put on a playlist and put on a face mask

10) let the mask dry and paint your finger and toe nails

11) make sure you get your money before you do ANYTHING WITH HIM


1) SHOWER wash your self!! Clean your yum yums even if you guys wore a condom

2) wash your face and (if you want) cover any hickies or bites

3) get your belongings together (which they should already be, especially If you’re trying to protect your identity)

4) have a local taxi or ober ready to be called (never depend on him to take you home)

The Chocobros want your Brownies

Okay I was in a super silly and ridiculous mood when I wrote this….
(Mostly fluff, but Gladio’s scenario got NSFW cause reasons)

Chocolate and Chocobros below the cut!

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