yum either way

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What do you think harry is like to his girl post-concert? Like does he want go out and party with her? Go home and make love to her? Go somewhere to eat? Go to the hotel and read books/watch movies? I can't decide what I think he'd be like :/

PROBABLY go back to the hotel and just be close. Maaaaaybe share a few drinks but I doubt it, I think that depends. I think he’s either exhausted and wants to shower and cuddle up and sleep OR wants to fuck out all the rest of his energy from the night

Either way, yum.

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dude, for the picture you just reblogged, just -- mafia au man. even better if newt is the leader but an anonymous one so not even the high ranking members know what he really looks like

firstly - i’m terribly sorry - i’m on queue most of the time. so i had to go through my dash trying to find the pic you were referring to. it’s this one right??

but oh gosh. can you IMAGINE? I LOVE IT? it also fits into an alternate verse i yelled a lot about earlier on but didn’t end up writing. i never quite decided if percival would also be mafia, or if he’d be part of the coppers tryin’ to catch newt, because it’s YUM either way. but that’s not the main point.

the main point is newt - cute innocent newt, with his wide eyes and shy tilt of a smile, is a mafia don only known on the street as ‘The Englishman’, because no one knows what he looks like, only that he’s got a posh english accent and he’s terrifyingly ruthless in regards to people who encroach on his territory.

there’s rumours across the channel that The Englishman first base of operations was there - in nice olde london town. and over there, no matter how dirty the witch or wizard was, they all knew not to do two things:

1. no trafficking of magical creatures

2. no involving innocent bystanders

that tough as nails bunch of ex-cons from azkaban? a gibbering mess within a week when they dared to capture a unicorn to trade its blood and hair and bone.

the hard ass street gang who’s granddaddies were running london back in the day? the moment they killed a civilian who was just in their line of fire, they’re destroyed - all their hideouts razed to the ground, each of them hexed to kingdom come that one night when The Englishman sweeps through, as unseen as a demiguise, as deadly as basilisk venom.

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So I’ve been playing around with my spiralizer more since I’ve changed how I eat.
The first picture is what I had tonight, which was zucchini noodles with a creamy garlic pesto sauce and “sausage”. I used a black bean burger for the meat. It was honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever made.
The second one is just zucchini noodles and sesame ginger sauce (store bought) with some vegan dumplings. I eat that very rarely since I’m trying to limit white flour. But it’s quick and filling and yummy.
I find that I like to over cook my zucchini noodles, so I have to use twice as much because it cooks down. But either way, yum!
Note: no, I don’t have any recipes. I don’t really cook with recipes. If you want some, check out inspiralized.com or follow inspiralized on instagram.