This cRaZy fruit is said to have cancer fighting properties. 🤩 Guanabana, also called a soursop fruit, is a tropical fruit that super high in antioxidants, vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and even some iron. Not only is it said to be a cancer fighter, but it’s also said to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and treats infections. With so many ways to eat a guanabana, I’m showing you my favorite way right here…just as it is! YUM! 🤪 This fruit is truly a delicacy. A special thank you goes to my beautiful friend Candice @yoga_girl_hawaii for gifting this fruit to us. It is picked straight from her farm! It’s heavenly! 🙏🏽💕🥭🥑🍇🍓🍉🍌✨

I am so happy to share some crazy fruits with you, and I hope you go out and eat some fruit today. ☺️ Enjoy my friends! ✨

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Thank you so much to:
for allowing us to use this beautiful kitchen!
Filmed with help of @cashgotwings

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Up there, there’s freedom. But around, only indifferent walls. In them, windows feeding on still cerulean daylight. Laid down, dusty trails for the few curious or in need. Ahead, the narrowing pathways of “traboules”, awaiting. In the air, stale smells getting thicker with every step. But up there, freedom. Left and right, ancient walls in unhurried decay. On the ground, remains of some hasty lunch. Half concealed, a mattress prepared for another cold night in Lyon. In front of the eyes, half darkness. Under tired legs, slippery pavement. In the hand, dark bitterness from Vox Populi. In mouth, burnt coffee and faint hops. In memory, a faint milk stout sweetness, quickly gone. On all sides, growing crushing claustrophobia. Up there? Freedom.