小戏骨’s Legend of the Condor Heroes!

I know that the new Legend of the Condor Heroes is airing right now, but I am so incredibly excited for the 小戏骨 version.

Guo Jing is played by Shi Xiaosong, a student at Shaolin, and he looks a lot like Felix Wong in the 1983 version!

Huang Rong is played by Tao Yixi, famous for her role of Bai Suzhen in 小戏骨’s Legend of White Snake. (Her costume design seems to be modeled after the 1994 version.)


Mu Nianci is played by Zhou Zhiying, famous for her role of Xu Xian in 小戏骨‘s Legend of White Snake. (I think her costume design looks like it’s from the 2008 version.)

And Yang Kang is played by Xiaoyang Bohan, who has played many leading roles in the 小戏骨 adaptations, including Jiao Yulu and Lin Xiaocong (补锅). (His costume design is based off of the 1983 version.)

Ge Yide, who played Cheya in 小戏骨’s Mulan adaptation, plays Wanyan Honglie. (His costume design looks quite like the 1983 version.)

Little Bao Xiruo with little Wanyan Honglie!

I don’t know who plays Ouyang Ke, but he looks pretty good as the role.

I don’t the names for who plays the Six Freaks of Jiangnan, but they are also looking good.

Chen Yuheng, who played Fa Hai in their The Legend of White Snake and Mulan’s father in their adaptation of Mulan, plays Yang Tiexin. (He seems to always be playing older characters.)

Rehearsal of the “spar for a spouse” scene. (杨康/肖杨博涵好高啊~)

Since they can’t make a full 50 episode long adaptation (and also due to the fact that kids are acting it out), a lot of the story may be cut and edited, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!