yulia talks

sometimes i get upset because i ship solkat and the reactions i get from other people is literally just “oh ew gross what the fuck that ship is horrible get the hell away from me” and it makes me feel like complete shit

and then there’s people who say “i feel bad for solkat shippers because they’re so bad at everything and they’re horrible rpers and artists and writers they never got their chance to be good )’:”

seriously fuck everyone ever you all fucking suck


so i have a plot for my solkat visual novel!!!

it’s not that good but here’s what i got

okay so like it’s basically a school au but something happens not that long from the beginning in the story that turns it into a “kill the other students in order to survive, and the last survivor receives a wondrous prize” type of thing. like battle royale (i’ve never even seen that movie but god do i want to).

but it gets complicated and some of the students start forming alliances with each other to kill the other groups of kids. sollux and karkat aren’t in the same alliance, and eventually they’re put up against each other, but they can’t kill one another because of the history they had in the past and they’re still kinda flushed for each other and they’re like best friends. so they flee together and start their own alliance with only just them (eventually kanaya, eridan, terezi, and feferi join their alliance)

so yeah in short the plot is they all go to a high school and the principle is a psycho and decides to turn the school into a battlefield and force every student to kill one another or else they’d be killed

any student who resisted was murdered on the spot

i need a title for it that would make sense for the plot ghdfghfui