yulia lipnitskaia

"Figure Skating For Dummies" in a tumblr post -- WOMEN'S ("LADIES'") SKATING

Yes, I am using this picture. Please cope with the sheer majesty on your own time.

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(Feb 15, 2014)


This post is similiar, but not the same as my men’s skating post. I did add some new little tidbits, so look out for those. Also, once again, if you see any mistakes, please let me know!


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9 year old Yulia practicing her now world renowned candle spin. Falling but getting up immediately, isn’t that the true sportsman spirit?


Yulia: Of course I want to become a great figure skater. But it’s not a simple task.

Reporter: What do you think you have to do to become one?

Yulia: Do your best at every practice, don’t goof off. Do your utmost.

Reporter: Do you?

Yulia: Yes, I try to.