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send me ♩ for my muse to catch yours singing in the shower send me ♡ for your muse to drunkenly confess feelings to mine send me ❅ for my muse to cuddle up next to yours while asleep on the couch (Um, Quinntana? Quitty? IDC go wild)

♩ (s1 Quinncedes!)

Quinn grumbled to herself as she headed up the stairs. One of the worst things about being pregnant by far was the fact that her bladder always felt like it was being sat on, leading to way too many trips to the bathroom, which in turn led to way too many annoying comments from the idiotic boys in their grade. She was about to go into the bathroom when she paused, hearing the shower running but also Mercedes’ powerful voice over it. She smiled, leaning against the wall to wait—it really wasn’t fair that Cedes’ voice always sounded so good.

♡ (OOTP AU Quinn/Hermione bc yes?!?!?)

Hermione gaped at the beautiful blonde in front of her, before leaning forward quickly to catch Quinn as she stumbled. She’d obviously had a bit too much of the firewhiskey provided by the twins… Hermione sighed. She’d only agreed to come to this party partly to stick it to Umbridge and partly to make sure no one would get hurt; she hadn’t even been expecting to run into Quinn, although it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise. Spending the party with the blonde had been far more fun that Hermione would’ve had sitting in the corner and worrying otherwise. But—Quinn had feelings for her?! Her short relationship (if you could call it that) with Viktor last year had certainly boosted her confidence, but never in a million years would she have imagined someone as gorgeous and brilliant and just—perfect as Quinn would ever look at someone like Hermione as more than a casual friend. She couldn’t help the blush that overtook her face, but her first priority was making sure Quinn was okay. “Are—are you all right, Quinn? Do you need me to walk you back to your dorm?”

❅ (college!Quinntana roommates that I just made up)

Quinn smiled as she stumbled into the apartment. The mixer had run late but it had been a lot of fun, and tomorrow was Sunday so no harm done, really. She banged her foot against the coat rack and swore softly, hoping she didn’t wake Santana with the noise—her roommate teased her enough about her “sorority shit” as she called it. She tiptoed into the living room, stifling a yawn as she saw Santana curled up on their large couch, the Gilmore Girls playing in the background—their guilty pleasure. She grabbed a glass of water and downed it before curling up on the couch herself, finding herself slowly scooting up behind her roommate for warmth—they really needed to get more throw blankets. Pulling the lone cover over the two of them, Quinn yawned again and nuzzled the back of Santana’s head lightly, already drifting off to sleep as she wrapped her arm’s around the other girl’s waist.


When The Boy Who Lives asks you to go to the ball with him you go!!! Ain’t no thinking about it. I don’t care if someone already asked you. Damn I’m sorry Harry, these females be trippin bro! #HarryPotter #GobletOfFire #YuleBall #ChoChang #TriWizardTournament.