On All Fours - Zico/P.O./U-kwon

Group: BLOCK B
Members: Zico (Jiho) , P.O. (Jihoon), U-kwon (Yukwon)
Warnings: SEXUAL CONTENT, foursome

A/N: wow okay this took me foreverrr and i pushed some of my own boundaries on this one as well. Also it’s long af. Hope you’ll like it!

‘should we really be doing this here?’, you breathed as strong hands moved your top up your chest and hot lips were brushing over the skin of your neck. You held on to broad shoulders as a second pair of lips started to adorn your throat with red marks. You let your head fall back with a sigh, all doubt and cautiousness thrown away when his tongue glided over your jaw.

Another pair of hands gripped your hips tightly and pulled them back into his. You felt his prominent, clothed erection grind against your behind, making you gasp loudly, the tongue on your jaw taking the opportunity to suddenly, forcefully entwine itself with yours.  

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You Doing A Sexy Performance (Block B)

Zico: Would be the one biting his lip and watching you closely, he’d highkey death glare anyone that even remotely glanced at you. rip to the members that were just trying to watch your performance.

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Taeil: He might look all bashful and smol on the outside but I know Taeil is a lowkey freak I already know he’s be biting on his bottom lip in addition to having tinted cheeks while having some interesting thoughts.

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U-kwon: Would be proud as hell and probably would be shaking is members by the shoulders saying “YOU SEE THAT? THAT’S MINE!” “We know already.”

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B-Bomb: He’d be your loudest supporter, probably even your most embarrassing supporter. You’d try your best not to focus on him and keep a serious expression but he’d just make that so hard yelling your name and howling.

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Jaehyo: He’d also be one of your biggest supporters (probably a little more toned down than Minhyuk but still). He’ be the one smiling and clapping like a slightly more normal person.

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Kyung: Would have a smile on his face but also be biting his lips, least to say that h’s extremely pleased and maybe your performance is giving him a few ideas.

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P.O: An actual blushing baby, he’d be so proud about how good you’re doing but he’d just be so flustered seeing you like this. You can probably catch him fanning himself with a red face.

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