Saitama/Genos fic recs

UPDATED: 25 Jan 2016 - Added a few more fics and a new section for canon divergence

Someone on twitter wanted to fic recs so I thought I may as well create a list of some of my faves (I say some as I’m pretty forgetful).


Steam – Rating mature, slow burn ongoing multichapter
This is my favourite fic. This fic focuses intensely on the growing relationship between Saitama and Genos. I’ve found it to be one of the most emotionally engaging fics so far with a lot of highs and lows both of which hurt my heart in the best way possible 💕

Blending and Processing – Rating teen (will probs go up), ongoing multichapter
This kind has playful wrestling, which no one else I could see has done so far and it’s really cute and domestic.

One Hundred Contest Entries – Rating general, 3 chapters COMPLETE
A cute mid length fic about Genos having to participate in a publicity stunt (win a date with a hero) and Saitama maybe not being so cool with this idea.

3 Punch: Take the Lead – Rating teen, one shot COMPLETE
A gorgeously written one shot about confessions and insecurities! One of my fave one shots and a writing style I enjoy a lot.

Gift – Rating mature, one shot COMPLETE
A Christmas one shot which is adorable! Very good kiss scene ;)

Full Color – Rating explicit, one shot COMPLETE
A very long and very nice one shot that is adorable and spicy! I need to reread it again so I can give a better review/summary. 



*NEW* Mirror Mirror – Rating mature, dub-con, villain saitama, multiple saitama, ongoing multichapter
Future villain/dark Saitama travels back to the current timeline to find Genos who has died in his timeline. So far a spicy fic where Genos is caught in the middle of the Saitama he’s been pining for and the Saitama who wants him. Many things I love!

*NEW* Distance Removed – Rating teen, soulmates, ongoing multichapter
Saitama suddenly feels the pain of being attacked except there is no attacker. He discovers that somehow he is feeling the physical sensations that Genos is feeling. Pretty excited to see how the boys cope with this new connection.

My own clone – Rating mature (for violence so far), villain au vs heroes, ongoing multichapter
I’m putting this into canonverse as it’s set there but it also brings in villian au. Hero and villain Saitama and Genos go head to head. A really interesting exploration on the characters wants, desires and motivations.



*NEW* To Forget – Rating explicit, reincarnation, slow burn, angst with a happy ending, ongoing multichapter
A reincarnation fic where Genos is a student and Saitama is a college professor. Saitama remembers but Genos doesn’t. A really lovely fic and I feel Genos really shines in this one

*NEW* Free the Animal – Rating explicit, A/B/O, cops, dub-con one shot COMPLETE
An A/B/O fic. Mostly smut but very good. Submissive Saitama thank you!

An Arm and a Leg – Rating explicit, yukuza/cop, dub-con, violence, ongoing multichapter
Yakuza!Saitama/NewbieCop!Genos. I’ll admit I haven’t managed to read the second chapter yet but what I read is GREAT AND ON POINT. I’m also an awful sucker that involves any sort of mafia mob like character in a romantic relationship with a cop. Read the second chapter now and hooBOY!

Salvaged – Rating general, ongoing multichapter
Saitama lives away from the city and rescues animals (esp birds cos thank you god) when he find a broken cyborg. Very cute so far and I’m loving this very nuturing Saitama. SAITAMA CARING FOR BIRDS!!!

Omega Rho Rho – Rating mature (will change), college, ongoing multichapter
College au where Saitama and Genos are both students. Saitama becomes a sort of mentor but mostly teaching Genos how to have fun. Genos develops a crush. Some kinky things happened in the last update :) 

Heavy Metal – Rating mature, villain, ongoing multichapter
A villain au for Saitama but with a twist that he’s not really that much of a villain. This is a really cute take on a pretty popular trope in the fandom!

Learning Curve – Rating explicit, college, ongoing multichapter
Another college au but this time with teacher Saitama and student Genos. This is probably more explicit than the other things on this list so far but it’s pretty self indulgent for me.

After-School Karate Lessons – Rating mature, karate teacher, ongoing multichapter
A teacher student dynamic kind of. Saitama is Genos’s old karate teacher who Genos asks out now that he an adult/taller than him. I’ve enjoyed the first chapter which has been nice with a little but of spice already.

One-Shot(s) Man – Rating mature, multiple aus, also canon stories, collection of one shots ongoing
One of the stories from here featured on the list already! But the rest are various aus. I adore the writing style and this collection also contains some A/B/O chapters that I really adore which is not something I usually look out for much.

We’ve Crossed the Stars to Get Here – Rating general, reincarnation, one shot COMPLETE
Saitama and Genos are the reincarnation of Archilles and Patroclus. This is a romantic angst fic so prepare to cut your heart into tiny pieces.

anonymous asked:

Just wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog! Do you have any special headcanons for McHanzo? :)

Ffff, thank you anon ; v ;
Well, I’m pretty new to the Overwatch and McHanzo fandom so I’ve only got a few low keyers

1. McHanzo is actually a pretty unhealthy relationship for McCree until Hanzo wakes up from his angst and self preservation issues. I mean, I love scribbling McHanzo as a comfortable relationship in and out of Tumblr right now, but that death desiring part of Hanzo in cannon is a side too wounded to pass up for my hurt and comfort feeding soul. 

2. Hanzo doesn’t always top, but when he does, it’s really suiting. I mean honestly, he was born and raised in the yukuza and, canon wise, I think he’s a pretty intense character. Imagine your controlling, powerful, ex-yukuza, comfort needing boyfriend topping. It’s beautiful.

3. McCree is pretty suave when he’s in his element, you know, train hopping, yada yada, but he’s an awkward and anxious internal mess trying to impress his bae.

4. Hanzo is secretly flustered by McCree’s sharp shooting, gun slinging, high noon side and thereby visibly ignores him when he’s being hawt af practicing, in action, etc. McCree thinks it’s because he’s not that attractive, Hanzo knows its because he makes him breathless.

Everyone has one, but no one can lose it.

So Allison’s shadow is freaking me out. A lot. Thanks to some lovely nonnies, I’ve begun to consider what could be another plot reveal in the last 5 episodes we have left in the season. 

The nogitsune possessing Stiles continues to use the pronouns we and us. What if he’s not referring to itself and Stiles’ body, but is instead talking about itself… and the nogitsune in Allison?

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dexariabelam  asked:

The McCall pack + Heist AU

  1. it’s lydia’s idea ( of course it’s lydia’s idea ) but it’s more than oh shiny pretty diamonds
  2. it’s the systematic extraction of revenge
  3. once upon a time when she was daddy’s little girl and the world didn’t seem so terrible she was kidnapped and ransomed by peter hale, and that leaves scars, scars miles long and the world stops seeming so bright and wonderful, and you can’t go back not really you can’t go back and be daddy’s little girl after peter hale’s gotten through with you
  4. allison was a long-time friend but they drifted after high school; allison got involved with the family business ( which was, you know, high-profile assassinations ) but she comes home when lydia does and holds her hand in the hospital
  5. “lydia,” allison says, “we’re gonna get mad and then we’re gonna get even.”
  6. putting an arrow through peter hale’s skull would be satisfying but let’s make him suffer okay
  7. hell hath no fury like a woman
  8. peter hale has come into some impressive family inheritance ( it went to his niece, who has oh-so-conveniently disappeared ), a collection of diamonds referred to in the press as the alpha diamonds worth over a billion and has bought himself a freaking hotel can you believe it in Las Vegas to hole up in
  9. they’re gonna take those diamonds and they’re gonna frame peter hale for murder
  10. the trick is getting into the heavily fortified hotel; it’s fort fucking knox and it’s going to take more than allison scaling the walls and lydia hacking into the comptuer’s mainframe
  11. it takes stiles stilinski — a gearhead and demolition expert who is living like a hermit up in the oregon country because he is convinced the government is monitoring him
  12. “why?”
  13. “dude, you see this brain? they want to pull it out and dissect it maybe put it into a computer i don’t know you can never be too safe
  14. "is that what the tinfoil hat is for?”
  15. “…no.”
  16. it takes kira yukimura whose father has yukuza connections and can get them into the fortified hotel
  17. it takes isaac lahey, resident pointman whose best ability to lying through his teeth and going in the front entrance as loud as possible
  18. it takes scott mccall, allison’s fluffy ex, who looks cute and innocent but is actually known as The Driver the best getaway man in the business and who can get Allison and Lydia into contact with the rest of the group
  19. like i said best getaway man in the business
  20. and it’s going to take derek hale, peter hale’s thought-dead nephew with a secret and a thirst for revenge


Please excuse me if I start to ramble. I’m not the best writer but I just had to put this out there.

This pic shows an unknown figure (who i think is Gerard) with the same teeth as the Yukuza boss had in the “Silverfinger” episode. Where we learn that the masked warriors are actually Oni, demons who are looking for one that is possessed by a dark spirit. The Nogitune. Which Katashi explains was what the Yukuza boss was and why the Oni killed him. Well I don’t know about you but i for one have not seen Stiles with these teeth.
And it didn’t seem like Stiles had any trouble with getting rid of the Oni. But I guess you can argue that the Oni just didnt know it was Stiles and were not prepared. Maybe.
But if they were about to find out he was the Nogitsune why didn’t he transform like the Yukuza boss did? Maybe because he isn’t.

Another thing you kind of have to think about is isn’t it a little too soon to reveal the bad guy? I mean at this point in the plot is usually where they introduce the person they want you to think is the bad guy but in truth is not. In fact this person is usually the key in stopping the bad guy. This could just be a Huge misdirection. I mean come on Why Stiles of all people? Maybe because he is the most loved character? Which would be the best way to distract the fandom. Right? Who else would the fandom freak out about more and focus all of their attention on?

Another thing: the whole leaving Barrow the message on the chalk board. If Stiles did leave it there for Barrow than why didnt he erase it after? Why leave it there? I for one think Stiles(or whatever it is possessing him) was leaving clues. Either for both Stiles and Lydia or just Stiles. That is also the same scene where we see his shirt change right?

Now dont get me wrong, I do think something is possessing Stiles I just dont think its the Nogitsune. Whatever it is though it just might be stronger and it may not be something evil. Maybe its possessing Stiles because it knew about the the dark spirit and its trying to help. Maybe it really is Claudia.

What do you think?