13 Desember 2015.

Udah 6 bulan kita cuma bepergian ber-4. Apalagi bang mamat sudah sibuk menyelami dunia kerja. Kalo semua lancar agustus taundepan inshaa Allah udah tinggal ber-3.

Apalagi dulu juga jarang fullteam ber-6. Lantaran yha umur yang memang berbeda jauh.

Ya memang dikarenaken relativitas, kek gini berlangsung cepat>>>.

Pertanda memang kita juga harus move-on.

Foto itu emang asik. Membawa jiwa terbawa momen-momen syahdusyalala di djaman doeloe.

Waktu ga terbang. Burung yang terbang.

The Story of a Story

Once upon a night,
I lay next you

the air between us thinning
the air around so warm
as if whatever was said and done would have just melted
and then vaporized.
The silence was seductive,
so we chose to forget
your past and my present-
for as long as your lips were in sync with mine.

Once upon a night,
You lay next to me

our bodies not adhering to boundaries
living in the moment
was more appealing than the thought of a morning
when we would have to face our faces
and be liable to answers
we continued on to hold on to each other
five more minutes.
Five more minutes and we’d reach the point
from where every thing would change

Once upon a night,
we lay next to each other

I became a story
you would tell-
just a story you would recall
a plot that began to end
just a story of once upon a night.

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