"Is it still true that majority of the people in Japan still work as a business man? I've heard that in Japan culture it's hard to leave a company after joining due to the fact that they disapprove people who change companies and therefore most people are stuck with a company for 10+ years. Is this still true?"

Asked by yukotomo

the-rant replied: 

“If you’re talking about the professional world, this is true just about anywhere. Higher salary professional positions are ones you’re expected to stick with, and not jump around from place to place as. It’s common, and makes sense, at least on paper”

daiorandajin replied:

“Loyalty is important in japanese culture. Job hopping is definatly looked down on. So yes not just because of the bad economy but also because of the culture people stay at a comoany for a very long while. Getting a promotion usually goes by age”