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Masashi Takeda
July 12th, 2009

Thanks for tagging me @wisdomcries !! i love these

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc…on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people. no skipping songs. (you also have to put in your favorite lyric for each song.)

1- Rat Trap 666 - Die Antwoord

You wish bitch, you ain’t all that
The only time that I hit on you
Is with the motherfucking baseball bat

2- Hurry Up - Yuko Yuko

(i can’t understand half the shit they’re saying and i can’t find the lyrics anywhere lmao)

3- Borders - M.I.A

Borders (What’s up with that?)
Politics (What’s up with that?)
Police shots (What’s up with that?)
Identities (What’s up with that?)
Your privilege (What’s up with that?)
Broke people (What’s up with that?)
Boat people (What’s up with that?)
The realness (What’s up with that?)

4- Hush Hush Purple Blush - Yuko Yuko

Oh babe you gotta gotta calm down, it’s me
Oh babe you gotta gotta sleep now I’m here
Oh why you had to had to kiss me, I’m keen
Oh babe be real it’s not a dream

5- Power Outage - Yuko Yuko

Electric tubes surround me
I feel so cold
Blackout since January
I feel alone

6- Pretty Girls I Don’t Know Anymore - 18 Carat Affair

(it’s vaporwave it doesn’t have coherent lyrics)

7-  One Summer Night - Ariel Pink

One summer night
I will call you up
And on one
Summer night
You will fall in love
Now that you’re gone
I can’t go living every night
When I ask you to be mine
Ten summers like before 

8- Art Deco - Lana Del Rey

When they all say hello
You try to ignore them
Cause you want more (why?)

9- Omega - Grimes

This song is just a lot of random sounds but the way she says “I will never die” in the end gives me goosebumps every time

10- Empire Ants - Gorillaz

Little memories, marching on
Your little feet, working the machine
Will it spin, will it soar
My little dream, working the machine

Im tagging my dutch folks @lasvegasmotel , @silverblooded @sabertoothgirl and uh idek who i missed but if you see this and you want to do this, feel free!

anonymous asked:

there're any j-pop gay songs, about girls liking other girls?

This is gonna be kind of limited on my half since I don’t really listen to a lot of jpop other than akb48/ske48 but my friend @rukakikuchi (or anyone else really) could probably add more to this post

  • Kataomoi Finally - SKE48 (the song itself is not very gay because they use “you” but the PV is 1000% gay and is probably my favorite pv)
  • Heavy Rotation - AKB48 (following the same thing from the previous one, song not gay but the pv pretty gay. Everyone and their mother probably has heard of this song if they’re even slightly interested in jpop)
  • Kinjirareta Futari (a song about forbidden love between two girls but is a song mostly if not 100% performed live so the members change out so quality may change. I highly recommend the Maeda Atsuko/Oshima Yuko version but good luck finding that one lol)
  • Oshibe to meshibe to yoru no chouchou (another gay song that’s preformed live so the members change. The song is pretty sexual though)
  • Juujun na slave - AKB48 (Both the pv and the actual song are sort of sexual (the pv more than the actual song imo) but gay and the song is soooooo good I highly recommend this one)
  • Uza - AKB48 (pv is mostly dancing so no gay at all but it’s kinda gay andmyfavoritesong)
  • Everyday, Kachuusa - AKB48 (a cute summer song about a girl being in love with her friend)
  • Ponytail to Shushu - AKB48 (another cute summer song about a girl being in love with her friend. The pv starts out a little creepy but not in the spooky kinda of way more in the wow that’s kinda gross kind of way so if you’re gonna watch it I suggest skipping to 2:08 in the video)
  • TWO ROSES - SKE48 (a duet about their forbidden love similar to kinjirareta futari but more angsty imo. PV for this is super bizarre so be prepared for that)
  • Temodemo no Namida (a duet about unrequited love that is sounds happier than it actually is lol The pair I would recommend no longer has a video online for them because copyright is dumb so idk what pair to send you to then)

These are all of the ones that I can think of off of the top of my head but I know that there’s more just within the 48 groups.