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✧* KNUCKLE *✧ (hunter x hunter)

I drew this for Niki (baysalt) and wasn’t really gonna post it publicly, but here you go.  Hope you like Knuckle, because I sure do.  Have a good weekend, my friends ♥

“yeah but what if they grew up and looked exactly like their dads” (hunter x hunter)

I drew this to entertain some friends and wasn’t going to share it publicly.  But I dunno, I hope it can entertain some of you, too.  Have a good weekend, my friends ♥

Flowchart Fanart Friday.  Say that five times fast.

I’m pretty behind schedule on things today, so you guys can have this dumb ASoIaF flowchart that I scribbled in my sketchbook.  This isn’t the hard and fast rule, and I can think of a bunch of characters who don’t fit in.  And some of the okay dudes will kill you too, so there’s that. (also it probably doesn’t so much apply to the HBO show, because all the actors are stupidly hot)

I’m starting Feast for Crows right now, but the same rules apply to comments: be nice to HBO watchers/new readers and try not to spoil in the comments.

Carmine Hawke (Dragon Age II character).  Photoshop noodling with custom brushes.

Ananth just started Dragon Age II, I’ve been watching while working on pencils.  I’ve enjoyed the narrative and characters much more than Origins so far.  Here’s his Hawke character Carmine; rogue, will probably hook up with Isabela but who knowwsss.

Favorite character so far: Aveline.  I’ve been calling her Brohilda.

Mostly asleep blind contours of the cat.  Sharpie pen.

Hello, I’m back in town!  Words of advice: don’t draw while dozing on the couch, you will proceed to fall asleep but continue to draw.  I don’t know, it was really late and Ananth was playing Dragon Age.  Everything here is fairly gross looking. :|

The jury is still out on my feelings over Dragon Age: Origins.  I’m very excited about the second one though, and I think Ananth is determined to play through the first one before playing the second one.

[edit: Oops, gramatical error!  Chalk it up to being pretty much asleep.]

I installed comments.

It was getting frustrating having people ask questions on posts and only being able to respond to them through their Ask boxes.  I wanted to turn of anonymous comments, but it looks otherwise only Disqus users can comment and I didn’t want to put you dudes through that.  So, uh, let’s see how this goes.

Recommend me if you want!  I won’t hold it against you if you don’t, though.

[edit] oh jeez, I’m supposed to put a link up here?  I don’t even… how… aaaghh the faq search isn’t working how am I supposed to do this okay okay give me a minute

Okay, figured it out!  Click the image, there’s a click-through to recommend me for the Illustrators section.  Sorry about that, guys! 8|

Soleon winter clothing.

Sometimes when I am bored, I will try to design practical-looking clothing for my weird fantasy critters.  It is probably difficult for an improbable beast-person with four arms in a pre-industrial culture to find decent clothes.  Dumped the lot of them on a texture because these were spread across a couple pages and the cream sketchbook paper looked pretty gross after everything was pieced together.

You might remember these dudes from this post from way-back-when.