yuko michishita


Yuko Michishita

What first drew me to Yuko’s work, was how it resembled William Morris’ victorian floral designs. When I visited the Pre-Raphaelite Avant Garde exhibition at the Tate Britain last October I came face to face with many of Morris’ beautiful designs. A few of his pieces accompanied stories and the text, something which I’ll consider when undertaking this project.

The inspiration for Yuko’s visual aesthetic comes from a range of subjects such as organic natural forms, historical scientific diagrams and the playfulness of typography. Using natural forms in pattern formation is something I want to achieve.

Yuko mentions how Ernst Haeckel and Karl Blossfeldt’s focus on the intricate nature of real and unreal lifeforms inspire the illustrations.  Most illustrations are done originally with pencils on paper; “the traditional way of image making, which I cherish dearly as I love everything traditional and authentic”-Yuko This sums up my feelings exactly towards traditional methods, especially pencil. 

Yuko also runs a business - ‘Pilcrow & Co’ an online shop product range displaying the illustrations. The idea of the business came from Yuko’s obsession to find perfect beautiful objects to be surrounded by (in the living space). I also have an obsession with beauty, I do not wish to make 'ugly’ art, my illustrations will be beautiful, lustful and aesthetically pleasing.