So it got my attention. Yuuri’s first greeting to Yuko, he uses the honorific title, “San” which is similar to “Mr”, “Ms.”, “Mrs”, and so on. And it’s been 5 years, Yuuri’s been out for a long time. But that’s not the only reason he greets his childhood friend with a new found distance and respect. Yuko’s already married, the girl he loved is not longer just his friend, but has now formed a family and Yuuri just can’t treat her like he used to.

But she immediately tells him to call her like always, and in that moment, things are back to normal between both. Yuuri understands Yuko is the same girl. Even now he feels a special love, and cares for her. But it ends there, and the way they handle this… a past unrequited love. Something that could have easily become part of a major drama in the plot of the story, was resolved in a couple of minutes.

The writing in this series, the interactions between characters, the story-telling, they way they manage to deliver each and every part of it, is just mind-blowing.


Day 8: Valentines’ Day

viktor has received many flowers and chocolates from his classmates, but never an offer to walk Makkachin with him (practicality, and a flower on top of that)! plus the boy looks soft, and viktor is very impressed. 20/10.

plus: every valentines’ day Mari-sensei gets exasperated with all the students for picking the kindergarten’s flower bed in an attempt to woo the pretty Russian child.

a/n: an indulgent draw :’) i don’t want victuuriweek to end sobs

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#Notyet6周年 時の流れは早くて、



Not yetになれたこと幸せに思います !


#そしてまたしても #優子さん #タグ付けできひん


Time flies by so fast,

It has been 6 years since formation on this day, March 16th.

I am happy that I am able to meet these senpais who were gentle, funny, awesome and the strongest that became Not yet.

Please keep on taking care of me!!
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