Happy 32nd Birthday, Uruha!!

It’s been amazing to have been your friend for all these years, and even though we’ve had our disagreements, you’ll always be my best friend. So, have a fucking awesome day, and know that everyone loves you~!

[Closed RP] Starbucks Meeting

“And send.” Mel spoke to herself, standing outside, only feet away from the Starbucks entrance. After sending the text message to her old friend, she places her phone away, swaying from side to side, waiting for him to arrive. The only reason she didn’t stand right in front of the door is because people would be able to see her, and really, she had no desire to be seen or stared at for the moment. And while she took her time to wait, she lost herself in thought, trying to make a decision of what she was going to order once they were inside and facing the front counter. She always found it difficult to make decisions at the register, so why not make a decision now, while she was waiting?