So, I’m running for Treasurer for my ballroom club and we have to have a 2-3 minute speech to present. All I’ve come up with so far is something like:

“Hello, my name is Erica (removed). I’ll be a junior this next year and I would really like to be Ballroom Club’s Treasurer for this next year. I am a very responsible person and I’m good with money. You can rely on me for the budget and any other work needed. Also, I’m good at calculus! :D”

(the calculus part is very unnecessary but whatever.) So, any ideas?

yukishiido replied to your post: Circumcision

I think some people might do it to make hygiene easier? idk, I don’t like the nonconsensual part of it, but that could be a valid reason…

generally uncut penises aren’t more hygienic. As long as you know how to clean the penis you’re good. It’d be kind of like cutting off the labia in an attempt to make the vulva more clean. 

There are valid reasons for circumcision later on in life, I mean if you want to get circumcised that’s your choice but there’s not really any good reason unless the baby’s life or health is in danger and it’s a procedure that can’t be avoided.