One of the rare moments in my head where Yukikko talks. Yukisama understands only partially what Yukikko is saying, as he’s not the ‘wise’ one - more like the booksmart one - and it sails right over Yukippe’s head because A) he’s not the brightest tool in the shed and B) he couldn’t care less either way. 

Basically what Yukikko means is that no other creature has harmed other humans and the entire world more than human itself. Humans often overlook this fact though, and call 'non-humans’ inhuman AKA moral-less. It’s kind of amusing really. 

And if you still wonder why Yukikko hates himself; It’s because he doesn’t have much against killing, even though he knows it’s wrong. He manages that because it’s his head and beliefs that control him, not his heart. He’s ashamed of having no proper heart to listen to. Therefor, he represents also Yukiki’s lack of moral and feelings. And that’s what he sees himself as - he never says 'I am’ or 'I think’ etc. because he doesn’t see himself as a real person. He says 'we’ instead, meaning 'The Whole One’ AKA Yukiki. 

Thanks to Hanako though, he eventually starts saying 'I’ and learns feelings somewhat, even if he doesn’t understand them. He’ll never be completely 'fixed’ though. 


For some reason I really, I mean really like this guy. Yukisama why. 

I mean look at him, being all smug in his fancy tailcoat and monocle, holding his concealed cane-sword and smoking his dashing pipe… All of which I want to steal Such a snob honestly

Oh, and, he has a pocketwatch in his inner pockets but I couldn’t include it in this picture nyeehhh ;_; I’LL DRAW IT LATER



Summary: Yukisama had always thought that his intellect would be wasted on the bad excuse of a civilization he was forced to be a part of. He was the golden man above all creatures, mortals or not - that was, until he came to face something unexpected. An equal. 

Genre: Romance/Rivalry, One-shot

Warnings: Nothing much actually (DUN DUN DUUUUN)

Notes: Yukisama/Hanasama, Yukisama’s POV. This is my first real try at a fanfic and I’d really love some feedback on it! I want to improve, man. It’s also my first try ever in first-person POV. Also summaries are hard man dsjahjkg


I sighed in annoyance for the hundredth time that day. The blue fool discovered a strange object with his little pink-haired treehugger, and somehow managed to activate a sequence where I, along with my associates, recieved a physical body. A rather interesting device, I must say. 

However, my annoyance is not because I was suddenly thrown into the ‘true world’ as Yukikko calls it - no, I am in fact quite glad that I got out of my cramped excuse of a space. The reason why I am not feeling quite enthusiastic is because the other personalities followed me and now proceed to make my life a living hell, even outside the little prison we’ve been in for so bloody long. Pardon my rude language. I will admit, while I have barely anything against that ‘host’ of ours, Yukiki, the little I do have against him makes me certain that he is a weakling. The others bring him down with their idiotic and useless emotions, biggest example being Yukipon. Do not even get me started on him - nothing is more useless than love. It’s only pain, suffering and an occasional sign of affection. Nobody could honestly benefit from that. 

Another reason for my annoyance would be that the gardener was also split into seven, meaning that I am now stuck in a room with thirteen people, all of which I already despise. Thank goodness it is a large room though - I could not stand to be in a cramped space any longer. Besides, I quite like this tailcoat I have, and I would much rather avoid getting blood and molten snow on it. 

Yukiki and Hanana were discussing with Yukiki’s co-worker, Robobo, about the now broken pod. Yukippe had gotten a rebellious streak, and it wasn’t before I dealt with him that the room became peaceful. Yukichi tried to lecture me about being too drastic - as if shoving a match in the eye of someone who could regenerate mattered at all. The pain was what I was aiming for in the first place, although if Yukippe were to receive permanent blindness, I would not mind. Yukichi disagreed heavily though, and ‘banished’ me from the group to stand further away. As if I wanted to be near them anyway. 

After my private lesson to the red barbarian, I was indeed standing a good distance away from the peasants I was locked in with. Looking around, I came to notice that the room was bare and tasteless. I wanted nothing more but a good armchair to sit on and some entertainment right about now. A macabre thriller story sounds good at the moment. Not that it would thrill me, but some of them are cleverly and tastefully written. I do hope I still have some books left to read. 

While I was stuck in my thoughts, I failed to notice someone approaching me. I did not notice this until I spotted her in the corner of my eye, a mere meter away. I simply looked at the newcomer, who walked past me with a sway in her hips, and sat down on a plastic chair next to the wall. If I would not have known that she was one of the Hanas, I most likely could not have guessed. 

“Ugh, I cannot stand such idiocy! Hanachi gets on my nerves without even doing anything”, she complained and crossed her legs, taking an egoistic posture on the chair. I lifted my eyebrow and examined her closer. She had yellow hair which shined like gold, tied up to a neat bun with a green, thorny hair-accesory. She had a long, golden silkdress upon her form, a slit from the bottom to her hip revealing a generous amount of her long legs. She had a large, green piece of jewelry around her neck, and around her shoulders was a long, green scarf. 

This woman was no doubt the queen of the gardeners. 

She looked up at me, her golden eyes staring right through my polite smile. For the first time in my life, I felt quite unnerved. I could tell that she was no force to play around with. “If you do not mind, my lady, may I ask why you came to bother me then?” I questioned as politely as I could. I was not in the mood for company, truth be told. She let out a soft, feminine giggle and looked into my eyes through her lashes. “I was hoping to find proper company here. Out of anyone else in this room, you look like the best option”, she said and moved her hand through her bangs. “I really liked how you dealt with Yukippe too, so that’s a plus”, she said and I tilted my head slightly. “Oh, really?” 

I won’t lie, I was impressed. Completely ignoring the blade of my sword against her slender neck, she had pulled out a firearm and held it against my chest. Her eyes were locked with mine, nearly glowing with determination. “My my, you really don’t wait for your fun, do you honey?” she said, her voice dripping with malice but concealed with sweetness. I gave her a polite smile and tugged my sword slightly closer. She pushed the barrel of her magnum tighter into my chest. My smile widened. “You do realize that shooting me in the heart barely harms me, do you not?” instead of admitting defeat like I expected her to, her smile widened to reveal a perfect row of white teeth, before she spoke up. “Oh, I do my dear”, she stated, ‘my dear’ being nothing but a formality. “I also know that you happen to hold your oh so precious pocketwatch in your breastpocket”, she continued and tapped said watch through my coat. My eyes narrowed, but my smile stood it’s ground. “It would be such a shame to break it simply because you want to kill me, wouldn’t it?” She pursed her lips and tugged her eyebrows upwards, looking at me with a look of mock pity. As enraged as I was at her outwitting me, I couldn’t help but be impressed. Eventually I sighed and shook my head, retreating my sword and concealing it again. She lowered her gun and tossed it to the ground lazily, uncrossing her legs and standing up. 

I fixed my monocle before holding my hand out to her. “I do believe we started on the wrong foot here”, I said and she shot me a sweet glance - no doubt a mask she wore - before setting her hand on mine. “Allow me to introduce myself properly”, I started and kissed her gloved hand gently. She didn’t even shudder. I straightened up and looked at her, still smiling. “My name is Yukisama.” The woman closed her piercing eyes and bowed softly in front of me. “My name is Hanasama”, she said and came to face me again. “It is truly a pleasure to meet someone intellectual”, she said batted her lashes at me. She definetly reminded me of one of those ‘action movie vixens’ I had seen. “I must admit that the feeling is mutual. Although I still assure you, that I will slaughter you for bringing me shame”, I responded and she giggled again. 

I heard yells from behind me, and both me and Hanasama turned to see what the fuss was about. After the imbeciles had come to a conclusion that we had to find out how to fix the broken pod as one large team, I sighed and shook my head. I would do nothing to help, excuse you. I like this body of mine. 

Hanasama accidentally nudged me as she walked past, and shot me a look. “I wish you luck in pursuing me, hun”, she said and went to console Hanarin and Yukirin, Both of which were too busy being scared to death and clinging onto eachother to care about their surroundings. But I didn’t pay much mind to that - I merely focused on Hanasama and her actions for the rest of the time we spent in that room. 

There might be a high chance that I have developed a strong connection for her. Although the possibility of me ever admitting that is lower than Yukippe’s IQ. I recalled the multiple glances she had given me during our short chat, and I came to the conclusion that she was definetly not someone to fool around with. If I made one mistake, I could be easily wrapped around her finger. She turned her head to look at me one last time, and our eyes met. Something in my chest nudged. 

I felt a tingle spread up my back, and I surpressed a shiver. I felt the corners of my mouth tug upwards into a wide grin, which she responded to before looking away. Oh, the danger of this game we are now playing thrilled me. I haven’t felt so excited in such a long time! 

Maybe this ‘love’ isn’t as useless as I thought it to be.