yukipri redraws


LeviWeek II Day 5: Thug Levi
↳ Before joining the Scouting Legion, he was a famous thug in the capital’s underground. ~Petra Ral~ (Levi redraw by yukipri)


I don’t think I’m going to redraw any more of the fourth image, so figured I might as well make a compilation post of the redraws I’ve done so far.

Feel free to use for blogs/graphics, but credit when possible is always nice ^ ^;

Original art by Suruga Hikaru.  Colored pages of No Regrets, from the November 2013, December 2013, and January 2014 issues of Aria.

Redraw:  myself, YukiPri

Raw Provider:  hellaspicy

Cleaner:  andreaphobia

Scans + Redraws for: HSScans

(also, before anyone asks, I am aware that there is a full redraw of the top image.  I did not do that one, I only did this partial redraw, and if you look closely you can tell that they are different)

And in case anyone was curious, what they looked like before the redraws: