yukioc: harley

Imagine: Being the Twin Kids of Joker and Harley

  • Always having a partner in crime who knows exactly what your life is like and the pressures of being an heir to the kingdom of Gotham
  • Priding yourselves of being the anti Batkids
  • The Clown Prince brother is always there to beat the shit out of guys in the club who give his sister trouble.
  • The Clown Princess sister can always spot when a girl is trying to play her brother and ruins her life… quite literally.
  • Escaping the body guards your father assigns together to go and cause chaos in town.
  • Getting jealous you don’t see them as much and feeling left out when they get new friends or start dating someone.
  • Pranks wars when you’re fighting that involve explosives and laughing gas.
  • Uncle Johnny Frost being a sucker for both of you and giving in to what you want, covering up for you.
  • Digging into your parents past together, knowing they won’t reveal anything. Finding out about Harleen but still no leads on your father.
  • Joker and Harley trying to see where you and your sibling take after them.
  • Being tormented when captured because the Arkham doctors split you up into different cell blocks.
  • The Clown Prince brother always gifting his sister with the latest gold Cartier and Rollex watches
  • The Clown Princess sister always treating her brother to wardrobe lessons and getting him Gucci and Versace suits.
  • Customized weapons, the sister taking her father’s gun for inspiration and the brother taking his mother’s bat.
  • Growing up to decide to take the Chemical vat jump, holding each other’s hands as you fall.
  • One driving the purple lambo and the other on Harley’s motorcycle right next to it, driving to the latest heist.
  • Hesitantly going to Joker and Harley when you know your twin is in trouble, not wanting to betray their trust but knowing you can’t save them on your own.
  • Fighting over which one get’s to wear Joker’s chains.
  • Plotting to capture the batman together to prove to your parents you’re ready to join the family business.
  • Hosting an arkham break and take over to free the kids in their just like the two of you.
  • The clown princess inherits her father’s maniacal cackle while the clown prince develops the same rabid and psychotic laugh of your mother.
Problematic Ship Rant

Honestly I’m sick of going into any tag involving “problematic” ships and seeing massive amounts of hate from people. These ships are all FICTIONAL. As in NOT REAL so why are people causing actual harm by attacking/bullying people who enjoy these ships? Most people that ship problematic ships DO NOT ship them because of the problem!!! If a ship has abuse between the two involved, we don’t sit here and go “oh I ship it because it’s abusive”. We absolutely IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM condone abuse. in most cases we envision our ship as healthy and caring towards one another and don’t include the problem. Obviously we acknowledge that there is a problem but I don’t think people are getting the fact that THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE REASON WHY WE SHIP THE SHIP. personally, I couldn’t care less what you are shipping even if I’m not a fan of it I’m not going to attack you because I don’t agree with it.

So, things to remember;

1: these ships are most likely fictional
2: we acknowledge that there is problems with the ship
3: we don’t ship the ship because of the problem
4: we DO NOT condone the problem
5: we just wanna have a good time without being attacked. Let people enjoy things

Did I mention that the ships are fictional?

Anyways, rant over thanks :3