I just want to say that I think Shura is a really underrated character. Not just in the AnE fandom but also in the anime itself. 

She understands Yukio more than he understands himself. She warns him of the dangers of repressing his emotions and hating himself the way he does. She’s also always there to protect Rin, and not in the harsh way Yukio does, but in a way that also allows Rin to be himself. 

In some ways I feel like she is the voice/thoughts of the audience since she always has some added insight or perspective and just always seems to make the right call. She’s almost always one step ahead, and when she’s not, she’s great at thinking on her feet. She’s also a badass fighter and saves everyone’s asses all the time. Basically, I’ve grown to love her and I think she’s super cool and yeah!!! Go Shura!!