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~My Favorite Otome Pairs~

Kuga Mikoto x Azuma Natsuhiko (Norn9: Var Commons)

Cardia Beckford x Arsène Lupin (Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~)

Heroine (I named her Tsubasa :3) x Ukyo (Amnesia: Memories)

Hoshino Ichika x Yanagi Aiji (Collar x Malice)

Komori Yui x Sakamaki Shu (Diabolik Lovers series)

Yukimura Chizuru x Hajime Saito (Hakuoki series)

Kuze Tsugumi x Ozaki Hayato (Nil Admirari no Tenbin)

Kayo x Tsuzuramaru (Ken ga Kimi)

MC (I named her Hana xD) x 707 (Saeyoung/Luciel Choi) (Mystic Messenger)

Ueno Enju x Ishikawa Goemon (Nightshade)

Kurou Nadeshiko x Kaidou Takato (Clock Zero: Shuuen no Ichibyou) 

Oda Ichi x Oda Nobunaga (Hana Oboro ~Sengonku-den Ranki~)

Kazuha x Tachibana Hiroya (Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~)

Violette x Orpheus (Reine des Fleurs)

Fuka x Caramia (Ozmafia!)

Beniyuri x Hikage (Kokuchou no Psychedelica)

Eiar x Lugus (Haitaka no Psychedelica)

If any of u have any game pairings that u love, spread the love for otome games and make a post! :D

And sorry that this is so long \(>.<)/;;

So I was running through Harada-hen for Reasons and

I know she’s supposed to be grimacing and all, but instead she just looks about as stoked to have Shiranui grabbing her as I would be. like yes please come in physical contact with me! twist my arm!! go right ahead, my body is yours!!!


Fic request: 

  • Girls night in. And they’re sharing stories pertaining to what they enjoy in the bedroom with their boyfriends. Lydia has ALOT to share about Stiles
  • Stiles goes down on Lydia
  • Cute funny Stydia smutt something fluffy

Rating: MA

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Smut

Author: @bellohmyblake

Part 4/? of the Lazy Lover Series

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The Preliminary Otome Game Ranking results:

New Game with Expectations:

  1. Hakuouki Shinkai Hana no Fumi
  2. Nil Admirari no Tenbin
  3. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade


  1. UtaPri Maji Love Revolution
  2. Osomatsu san
  3. Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD

Otome Game:

  1. UtaPri All Star After Secret
  2. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate


  1. Mikaze Ai - Utapri All Star After Secret
  2. Saito Hajime - Hakuouki
  3. Sakamaki Shu - Diabolik Lovers


  1. Yukimura Chizuru - Hakuouki
  2. Komori Yui - Diabolik Lovers

Sub Character: 

  1. Karlheinz - Diabolik Lovers
  2. Takushima Setsu - Norn + Nonette Last Era
  3. Tsukimiya Ringo - UtaPri All Star After Secret
It Comes Back to You

Fic Request:  Lydia gets selective amnesia from an accident and forgets Malia’s existence, Allison’s death, and everything that took place during Season 4 (so far). When she wakes up, the first person she asks for is Stiles which leads to them having an eye-opening conversation.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comfort

Author:  sofuckingobsessed

Author’s note: So I didn’t plan for it to be this long, and I definitely didn’t plan to end it like this, but it happened, so forgive me ;) It takes place sometime during season 4. I hope this is satisfactory.

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Re-Reading 3B: Derek and Stiles, part 5


Today’s post looks at Derek and Stiles in DeVoid. I’m just gonna give up on predicting how many more posts there are going to be in this meta. Maybe just two. Maybe two million. Who the fuck knows. OMG.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if this is possible butttttt, try and draw Sanada as like idk half-dragon (??) and Yukimura as his like human friend (lover?) pleaseeeee

hm… I did a half samourai/dragon Sanada xDD And A human Yukimura Lover *cough hard* THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!I HAVE A IDEA FOR A DOUJIN!! I DID A LOT OF SKETCH!! Q7Q DSKJKLDSFKDSFKJDSF