yukiko kudou

Yukiko’s timeline, for future reference:

  • She was born in Tosa, nowadays Kōchi Prefecture, located on the south coast of Shikoku. (Ryouma Gunbelt, Vol 70)
  • Around 30 years ago, her family seemed to have moved to Gunman Prefecture, since her childhood friend Yabuuchi Hiromi (who lived in Gunma) mentioned she used to come over to play often. (Suspicious Uncle, Vol 14)
  • 20 years ago, she won co-Miss Teitan. Not long before that, she got a role in a popular TV drama, and instantly became famous. Since she’s 37 now (Conan Drill; Suspicious Uncle, vol 14), she would have been 17 when she won Miss Teitan, and probably 16-17 when she first got her TV break. She had short hair at the time. (Similar Princesses, Vol 41)
  • When she first started out as an actress, she got a role as a spy, and went to study disguising techniques under Kuroba Tōichi, a famous magician and the original Kaito Kid. She had long hair by then, so I assume she would have to be at least 18. She met Sharon Vineyard/Vermouth and the two became close friends. (Golden Apple, Vol 35)
  • Again, as a beginner actress, she got a part as the niece of Sakamoto Ryōma, of whom she was a fan. She was noted as being ‘too cute’ for the part, and it was then that her popularity really began to soar. (Ryouma Gunbelt, Vol 70)
  • Inspector Yamamura became a huge fan of hers after seeing her in The Dangerous Life of a Female Officer. It was because of his love for her that he decided to enter the police service. (Suspicious Uncle, Vol 14)
  • She was at the peak of her career and won all the prestigious Japanese awards at the age of 19. (Conan Kidnapping, Vol 5)
  • Ok, this is where it gets a bit wonky, since there are too different accounts. (1) According to herself in Conan Kidnapping (Vol 5), Yukiko was 20 when she fell in love with the young novelist Yuusaku and retired from acting to get married. (2) In Desperate Revival (Vol 26), a waitress told Ran that 20 years ago, a young man (Yuusaku) solved a case and then loudly proposed to the girl (Yukiko). Note that the second one is kind of a famous story at that restaurant, so maybe they just go with an approximation of years, and 20 is a lot easier to remember than 17.
  • 10 years ago, she had an appointment with Kuroba Tōichi to write an essay. She told him he’s “one of the seven knights” she had met, and he mentioned he read those essays all the time and his wife was also a fan of them. Honestly, this part threw me for a loop. Did Yukiko write those? And why the hell would she do such a thing? (Shinichi’s Childhood Adventure, Vol 55)
  • 3 years ago, she moved to Los Angeles with Yuusaku. (Roller Coaster Murder, Vol 1)
  • A year ago, she attended the 'funeral’ of Sharon Vineyard, and was seen on American news. However, they couldn’t remember exactly who she was, since they were too taken with Sharon’s 'daughter’ Chris Vineyard. (Soccer Supporter, Vol 34)
  • Despite her relatively short career (4 years at most), she’s considered a legend nowadays. (Chinatown Murder, Vol 34)

I have many problems with the way Aoyama Gosho handles female characters, but Kudou Yukiko isn’t one of them.

Like, I love how she’s the wife of this SUPER GENIUS DEUS EX MACHINA WRITER and mother of this SUPER GENIUS DETECTIVE but every time she appears, heck, every time she’s mentioned, it’s her own achievements and legendary status that’s being emphasized. When you remember how short her career was, it’s even more impressive.

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