Title: Persona 3 -Daylight- Track 2
Track Length: 4 min 35 sec

Dramatis Personae:

  • Protagonist (“Leader”) - Ishida Akira
  • Aigis - Sakamoto Maaya
  • Takeba Yukari - Toyoguchi Megumi
  • Iori Junpei - Toriumi Kousuke
  • Toriumi Isako - Komatsu Yuka
  • Tomochika Kenji - Nojima Kenji

Translator: imaginary_numbers
Subber: DimensionSlip
Quality Checker: EirlysTylluan

Download Link: [here]

Summary: A not-so ordinary day at school begins with some musings about food and plans for the upcoming culture festival.

Pick-upVoice mobile

Keeping up the momentum on this~

The Pick-upVoice mobile app, the first seiyuu magazine to be translated into English, has been releasing sneak-peek photos for the next issue on their twitter. So far it’s Kamiya Hiroshi, Miyano Mamoru, and Chihara Minori. 

Aside from them, on the cover’s print I also see Terashii, Tachi, Hinocchi, Kaji, KENN, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Morikubo Shoutarou, Sakamoto Maaya.

Also, those who purchase this issue will also get a chance to win autographed photos from Kamiya, Seki Tomokazu, and Chihara Minori~

Please try to support this~!  It’d be great to be able to continue receiving English-translated seiyuu material!