yao rant

china is such an underated charcter

srs. just look at that cutie (and has the cutest voice and seiyuu ever swoon. like she voiced the sexy fuji from prince of tennis also.)

to the people who dont like him:

because just look as this

and he’s such a good big brother/ dad/ guardian/ everything.

look at that hottie. im sorry. i had to get it off my chest.

yea i think im in love

by now you should be too

((gomen for spam))

we are not the only ones... ^___________________^

We are not the only ones celebrating this joyous moment of Kei Nishikori’s win over Djokovich in the semifinals

I present to you Okiayu Ryotaro and Yuki Kaida

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okiayu ryotaro‏@chikichikiko


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Yeah! Best of luck in the final! We’re just so proud of you! And we love you & thank you soooo much! #青学の至宝