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Priscilla Yuki Wilson, who is African American and Japanese, often finds that her biracial identity is challenging to those around her. Therefore, using digital artists in 18 different countries, Wilson set out to see how different counties from around the world would conform her face to their liking for her own series, Before & After Part Two.


Biracial woman gets photoshopped in 18 different countries 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In June, the world got a creative taste of this when journalist Esther Honig asked people from 25 countries to manipulate an unaltered image of her in Photoshop to depict their own personal visions of beauty. The result was an astounding look at how varying cultures would “beautify” a caucasian female. 

Priscilla Yuki Wilson — a journalist, close friend and collaborator of Honig’s — has since tested the same technique with one slight difference: Wilson is biracial. 

How she looked in the U.S., Israel, Vietnam and more

What Happened When A Biracial Woman Was Photoshopped In 18 Different Countries

“I was taught that my natural self did not comply with conventional standards set forth by society, saying fairer skin is better, straighter hair is more attractive, and that skinny tastes good," Priscilla Yuki Wilson said.

See all 25 versions of versions by 18 different photo editors across the world of here.