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ishimaru!! or your favorite yuusha!!

‘favorite yuusha’ how dare you. how Dare you. how Dare you tell me to pick a favorite!!!! when all yuushas are the best!!!! you Fool!!!!!!!!! how could I possibly decide! never!!!

so have this good big sis and also sleepy lil sis and also excellent tsun friend!!! geez!!!!!

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Cheiloproclitic - Takao/Midorima GO ON

i’m sorry i think this turned out more like “TAKAO’S LIPS ARE PERFECT OK” instead of being attracted to someone’s lips

Midorima doesn’t know when he started noticing Takao’s lips as something more than those flapping things that he wishes would just shut up, please.

Truthfully, they’re still that most of the time with Takao’s incessant chattering, always a teasing word tumbling out unheeded, but sometimes (more times than Midorima would care to admit actually) they’re more than just a constant annoyance.

Sometimes they’re kind of brilliant, with the right words, encouraging and hitting so close to the truth. Sometimes they’re kind of pretty, curved at the corners and directed at him. And sometimes (just sometimes, Midorima has to repeat to himself because if he forgets it might no longer just be sometimes) they’re kind of perfect; perfect when they’re partly open just after he finishes his unnecessary monologues; perfect when they’re close to his ear, almost touching but not quite, voice soft as they tell him all sorts of things; perfect when they’re swollen and shiny, thoroughly kissed, breath grazing past in short puffs.

But out of all those Midorima thinks Takao’s lips are the most perfect when he brushes the tips of his fingers against the soft bottom lip, lingering maybe a little longer than he intends and they purse just the tiniest bit and kisses the tip, smiling from his lips to his eyes.

Kurobas fic: Till Death Do Us Part

Nothing would keep Takao from making this Christmas an extra special one. And if he can’t bring Midorima to the date, he’ll bring the date to Midorima.

Ha ha ha I’m returning back to happy things after this. It’s all manjoos’ fault btw. She started all this. And then we had feels and suddenly everything was outlined.

The longest one-shot I’ve ever done to date, I think. I’m not used to writing such long fics so it’s harder for me to keep the consistency so if you spot anything it’d be nice if you could tell me.

tsunbella: the tsundere cinderella

[05:41:17 PM] Basa(Shun-chan): tsunbella

[05:41:33 PM] Fiore: another version of cinderella?

[05:41:51 PM] Kee(Yuu-tan): omg that fits so well

[05:41:56 PM] Kee(Yuu-tan): YES

[05:42:16 PM] Kee(Yuu-tan): the one where cinderella gave the prince her slipper and called him a b-baka

[05:42:30 PM] Fiore: lol

[05:42:39 PM] Fiore: because it’s not that she likes him

[05:42:45 PM] Kee(Yuu-tan): OR ANYTHING UGUUU

[05:42:45 PM] Fiore: it’s just that she feels sorry for him

[05:43:04 PM] Kee(Yuu-tan): because he’s too pitiful

[05:43:07 PM] Fiore: because he can’t even find a girl without his kingdom throwing girls at him to choose

[05:43:17 PM] Basa(Shun-chan): …

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first meetings

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I have to sleep because I have class tomorrow– later, fuck whatever, but I can’t get rid of kimiboku feels. It’s everywhere. dskfnldkgsdjg so i wrote this weird little piece set when the boys were kids.

it’s everyone’s first meeting and just it’s my head canon that Shun’s first friend is Yuuta and that’s why he’s so clingy towards him in that extra chapter story when they were kids

sweet goldfish poop

and Kaname’s kind of a prick, lovable and cute but still a prick.

if you squint real hard you’ll see my bias showing


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Fantasy: Our characters are in a fantasy setting.

im gomen sarah this is probably not what you were hoping for… OTL

I swear this has justification! At first I wanted an original fantasy but then I ended up world building and just no. So I thought what’s the best fantasy I can do? Well, why not HP-crossover? That’s pretty much a beloved thing right? But then in HP-verse there’s actually a Japanese school and then I ended up questioning myself on why kurobas characters would even attend Hogwarts which is all the way in Scotland when there’s a wizarding school in their own home country which is why I ended up world building again in a really vague way. So Mahoutokoro yay. And your original sorting hat is now a monk’s hat. Also Kagami is a muggle born with really huge potentials ok.


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JUST YESTERDAY when i decided to move fics to ao3 i realized i wanted new theme

and then i saw cute midotaka family and then feels

The day she arrives, she can barely speak in straight sentences, sitting on their doorstep in an oversized coat with a large backpack beside her.

She has Takao’s coloring, the same dark brown hair and shiny grey eyes set in a chubby face with a slightly paler complexion. When she sees them, her eyes widen and tiny pink lips form a small ‘O’.

“Papa.” She says, and runs over to Takao.

One hysterical Takao (“I have a kid, I have a kid. Why do I have a kid?!”), an unnecessary apology (“I’m sorry Shin-chan! I swear I never cheated.”), and a convoluted and impossible explanation (“No Takao, you were not abducted by aliens and impregnated. How did you even think of that?”) later, Midorima notices the little girl clutching a note and he calmly asks if he can have it.

“Calm down, idiot. You do realize that’s your niece and not your daughter, right?” Midorima says, as he scans the note. “From a cousin. Here, read it yourself.”

Takao pours over the short note, glancing at the little girl sucking on her thumb as she looks around her surroundings.

Apparently his cousin can’t raise her up because she’s on the run from debt collectors. And she’s hoping her favorite cousin can please, please look after her for now. And that she’s a good girl, won’t be much trouble at all. And she really loves carrots.

When he finishes he clears his throat and crouches down in front of their little visitor.

“What’s your name?”

“Naoko.” She mumbles around her thumb. 

“Well, Nao-chan…” Takao glances up at Midorima and Midorima can almost read what Takao is thinking. He shakes his head but Takao throws a begging pout in his direction. His gaze shifts from Takao to Naoko’s, similar expressions on their similar faces. Midorima feels himself sighing, giving his silent assent. He grins back at Midorima before holding his arms spread wide. “Welcome home, Nao-chan!” Takao exclaims before scooping up the little girl into his arms. “You’re going to have a lot of fun here with me and Shin-chan!”

Midorima can only groan, hopefully he would survive having another kid in the household.


have my lame ass attempt at a microfic because i don’t have enough time to write out an actual fic or draw anything

Kuroko doesn’t especially believe in fate and horoscopes, after all that was more of Midorima’s thing; sometimes things just happen, with no deeper meaning hiding in the shadows. However whether it was fate or just plain coincidence in the works, Kuroko will always be glad to have met Kagami. 

PH fic - First Meeting (AU)

So this happens in an AU where Elliot and Leo meets as kids. I don’t really want to change too much from canon so basically almost everything else is the same, except Leo was brought to the Nightray mansion by the Duke and meets Elliot.

kid!Elliot and kid!Leo are adorable. using my headcanons.

also overuse of the term ‘new boy’. idk i’m sorry my brain won’t come up with any other way…feel free to suggest though, I’d love a better term…

did this in between class today. allergies is making me creative.

corrections, critiques and suggestions are most welcome.

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