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Kizoku Tantei character chart! I’m so excited for this drama! :D

Maybe a love line with Igawa-san and rival line with Emi-chan… I wonder what Nakama-san will be in the drama?

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Lunatic Show
Lunatic Show

Lunatic Show

Sung By: Syoko Hoshi (星輝子) [CV:Satsumi Matsuda (松田颯水)],
Koume Shirasaka (白坂小梅) [CV:Chiyo Ousaki (桜咲千依)],
Sachiko Koshimizu (輿水幸子) [CV: Ayana Taketatsu (竹達彩奈)],
Sae Kobayakawa (小早川紗枝) [CV: Ricca Tachibana (立花理香)], &
Yuki Himekawa (姫川友紀) [CV: Mako Morino (杜野 まこ)]

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Phantom thief boys + Mishima and an S/O that is an upcoming singer (along the vocal talents of one malukah) {sorry if this is a bit odd}

It’s not odd at all! But I had to look up Malukah and I am so thankful to you for sending this because her voice sent me to heaven lolol. Thank you for sending this! Please enjoy!


  • He had no idea until he came across a flyer that displayed a picture of S/O in stunning formal attire; it was promoting their upcoming concert, which was 1,000 yen for admission.
  • Akira’s curiosity prompted him to attend their concert on the specified night, and his eyes widened and glimmered along with the stars.
  • He was speechless, and his body was frozen. It was as though S/O was the only person present at that moment, as everyone else became a blur. 
  • It was like falling in love all over again.
  • After the concert, he greets them with a smile that outmatched even the moon that was glowing down on them. “You were incredible. I can’t wait for the next one.”
  • S/O blushed. “T-the next one?”
  • Akira nodded and kissed them, the smile never leaving his face as he said, “I’m not going to miss a single one from now one.”
  • And he never did. 
  • They went out for dates after the concerts, and his face was always sore the next day from grinning so proudly.


  • Ryuji overheard some students talking about S/O.
  • “Oh my god, have you ever listened to S/O? They’re incredible!”
  • He furrowed his brow and looked S/O up on his phone. Apparently, their popularity was on the rise because of their ‘unique’ and ‘ethereal’ voice.
  • Unabating, he tapped on the link to a live video of S/O performing at a cafe.
  • He was utterly entranced, and he immediately invited them to hang out with him.
  • “So… you’re a pretty amazin’ singer, huh?” Ryuji’s tone was playful, and a bright grin had spread across his face.
  • “U-um, yeah… thank you.”
  • “Why didn’t ya tell me sooner?” Ryuji implored.
  • S/O hesitated. “You… never asked?”
  • “What kinda answer is that?!” he perplexedly asked, and he poked them in the side, provoking a squeak from them.
  • Ryuji was starstruck whenever he heard them, and he requested that S/O sing when they’re alone. 
  • He’ll have his head in their lap as they lull him to sleep with their voice.
  • Dunno what I did right to deserve someone so incredible… but I’m thankful for it.


  • He proposed that S/O visit him, as he needed fresh inspiration for a project that had nearly reached its due date.
  • They accept, and they’re at his dorm within minutes.
  • Yusuke proceeds to get to work, painting with unwavering concentration.
  • Then he began to hum. It was a tune that S/O recognized, so they joined him, matching his pitch and humming in unison.
  • When the melody had reached a crescendo, he opened his mouth to sing, and S/O mimicked him, not once faltering as they eased into a perfect harmony.
  • The two had finished their duet, and he gazed upon S/O with glistening eyes. “Astounding… you are enchanting not only in your demeanor, but your voice as well. I am quite fortunate, indeed.” 
  • S/O shyly smiled. “You’re very talented, too. Maybe I’ll have to ask you to join me in concert some time.”
  • He shook his head. “No, I couldn’t. My sole passion is art, and I can’t hold a flame to your aptitude for music. I’d be willing to assist you with rehearsal, however.” So he did.
  • When they practiced together, an ear-to-ear grin was solidified on his face, and he had no further trouble with gathering inspiration for his project.
  • On occasion, they would even dance together; one hand holding their partner’s, and the other pressing their bodies together as they glided around the room, transfixed on each other with a mystified twinkle in their eyes.


  • Mishima was already aware of S/O’s gift, and he considered himself a dedicated fan. 
  • All of their songs had been downloaded on his phone, and he frequented their livestreams. 
  • He also owned all of the video games that they were featured in.
  • Mishima still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he was dating the S/O.
  • The compliments he gave to them were endless, and a pink blush was stamped on his cheeks. 
  • S/O would flush as well, flustered by all the attention. They even offered to provide him free tickets, but he refused.
  • “N-no, that’s okay! Your voice is worth the price.”
  • He was very impressed by their accomplishments and how rapidly they attained popularity.
  • “You’re amazing! Seriously, you could shake the world with your talent!”
  • When he’s strapped for money and can’t attend one of S/O’s events, they serenade him in private.
  • His eyes sparkle with wonder, and S/O’s cheeks redden every time.
  • Those private concerts were their most nerve-wracking performances. 
With Love
五十嵐響子(CV:種崎敦美),乙倉悠貴(CV:中島由貴),水本ゆかり(CV:藤田 茜),諸星きらり(CV:松嵜麗),姫川友紀(CV:杜野 まこ)
With Love

With Love

Sung by: Kyoko Igarashi (五十嵐響子) [CV: Atsumi Tanezaki (種崎敦美)],
Yuuki Otokura (乙倉悠貴) [CV: Yuki Nakashima (中島由貴)],
Yukari Mizumoto (水本ゆかり) [CV: Fujita Akane (藤田 茜)],
Kirari Moroboshi (諸星きらり) [CV:Rei Matsuzaki (松嵜麗)],&
Yuki Himekawa (姫川友紀) [CV: Mako Morino (杜野 まこ)]

気持ちいいよね 一等賞!
気持ちいいよね 一等賞!

気持ちいいよね 一等賞!(Kimochi ii yo ne Ittoushou!)
( Feels Great to Get First Prize!)

Sung By: Yuki Himekawa (姫川友紀) [CV: Mako Morino (杜野 まこ)]

Near to you
Near to you

Near to you

Sung by: Frederica Miyamoto (宮本フレデリカ) [CV: Asami Takano (高野麻美)],
Shiki Ichinose (一ノ瀬志希) [CV: Kotomi Aihara (藍原ことみ)],
Momoka Sakurai (櫻井桃華) [CV: Haruka Terui (照井春佳)],
Yuka Nakano (中野有香) [CV: Shino Shimoji (下地紫野)], 
Kyoko Igarashi (五十嵐響子) [CV: Atsumi Tanezaki (種崎敦美)],

Yuki Himekawa (姫川友紀) [CV: Mako Morino (杜野 まこ)],
Nina Ichihara (市原仁奈) [CV: Misaki Kuno (久野美咲)],
Sanae Katagiri (片桐早苗) [CV: Azumi Waki (和氣あず未)],
Yui Ohtsuki (大槻唯) [CV: Nanami Yamashita (山下七海)], 
Yumi Aiba (相葉夕美) [CV: Juri Kimura (木村珠莉)],
Syuko Shiomi (塩見周子) [CV:Ru Thing (ルゥ・ティン)],
Arisu Tachibana (橘ありす) [CV: Amina Satou (佐藤亜美菜)],
Fumika Sagisawa (鷺沢文香) [CV: M・A・O],
Kanade Hayami (速水奏) [CV:Yuuko Iida (飯田友子)], &
Asuka Ninomiya (二宮飛鳥) [CV: Shiki Aoki (青木志貴)]