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A little making of footage of some of the skits from Bimyo~, where we see the members just being their silly selves on and off camera. 

They may be idols, but they can pull off comedy so splendidly. Gotta love them all. XD

Skits seen here include:

  • Hostess bar “Sae” (ep 1)
  • Ahokyu (ep 6)
  • Unagi to Umeboshi (ep 2)
  • Master/Apprentice (ep 4)
  • Telop Digression (ep 5)
  • The Animals that Built the Generation (ep 7)
  • Eien Family (ep 7)
  • Cameraman Shinoyama Minegishin (ep 6)

kami 8 at AKB48 10th Anniversary memorial event

I honestly started tearing up when I made this, it just made me realize how everybody in akb48 grew up together and watched each other become adults, but only in the end they have to watch their friend leave and split paths. they truly loved each other in a way that nobody else can understand. I hope you guys enjoyed this lol. the only ship we have left is Mayuki… :(


AKB0048(6) / AKB48(AX2011) : Ponytail to Shushu (ポニーテールとシュシュ )


100507 Shukan AKB - shaky shaky dangling bar test

This has got to be the hilarious scene from the physical test episode (episode 43) on Shukan AKB. The members have to tackle a test that the show’s staff originally created for this episode. They basically time how long they can hold and dangle from a bar until they give up. The average time expected to beat or reach is 1 minute.

Hilarious moments to watch:

  • You realize this challenge is a lot harder than it looks even for group 1, which consists of the top 6 athletic members. I never expected Jurina to drop out so soon.
  • The hilarious Sayaka and Yuko duo, the top 2 athletic members in AKB, or aka the Showa team, screaming and hanging on for life in order to save their pride as 20+ year olds. Even for the top 2 athletic girls, it seems hard for them. LOL at their faces.
  • Poor Sayaka. This is the only test she has trouble in in this episode. Her scream was funny.
  • Yuko, funny as always. Even though she’s the shortest she’s still having trouble. Her yelling was much too hilarious. Shouting “It hurts!” and “Save me!” and her face. XD Her behavior after getting down was even funnier.
  • In group 2, Miichan puts on her best smiling face for the camera that’s right next to her even while painfully hanging there. That camera loving girl. XD
  • Churi could’ve have gotten in first place if she had just held on for one more second. But the instant she heard 2m30secs she just lets go to tie with Kitarie’s time.
  • The last group is much hilarious b/c it consists of the worst athletic bunch in this episode’s group. I never expected 3 of them to unbelievably give up just seconds after the clock started, with Sasshi giving up first at just 7 seconds. Really Sasshi? 7 seconds?
  • You’ll laugh out loud hearing Acchan and Mariko-sama’s screams. XD But at least Mariko-sama did her best and held on the longest despite being a 20+ year old member.