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Yuki Kajiura + anime musical compositions, also dedicated to @meruis (ღ˘ ♡ ˘)

[Hiroyuki Sawano version]  ♦  [Taku Iwasaki version]


What’s with this sudden attack??!!!!

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Shinkenranbu from today’s performance

There’s some rare groups here
1. Unusual kogiyamato😓
2. Jiji and his antics😂
3. Err…..real man groupies?😅
4-5. Horikawa has been left alone his precious kane-san??!!😱
6. Of course kane-san would be lonely
7. Toumyu little babies😆
8-9. Unseparable duo has been separated by yamatonokami😅

Ah I can’t find hachisuka’s photo anywhere
Takahasi was just aploaded an old selfie, the same one with tsubasa a few days ago

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Please do S4 and M4 headcanon, i miss it

Just for you anon(s), we have done some headcanons of four relationships between S4 and M4. Request if you want some more relationships :)

- ☆Yeju☆ & Piyo

Headcanon: S4 - M4 Relationships Pt.1

Subaru - Hime

  • They maintain a professional relationship with another because they’re both the type to avoid scandals from breaking out
  • Occasionally they will meet up for tea time so that Subaru can gain some juicy information and gossip about Yume.
  • Always trying to prove their worth as a part of the Song Class because we all know there can only be one true winner.
  • Realising they’re the only truly awkward pair between S4 and M4, they try to improve it but fail, only making it more awkward.
  • Tea time is the only time they will ever get along properly.
  • Since Hime’s favourite food is that spicy curry, she invited Subaru along with her to fix their relationship but turns out he can’t tolerate spiciness and passed out from the heat.
  • Headmaster Hikaru received some offers for the two to perform on rival music shows and just like that they turned into enemies.
  • Hime has just discovered the world of Snapchat and coincidentally Subaru happened to be there at her time of discoverance. Guess who was her first friend.
  • Hime is in a dilemma because she knows that Subaru likes Yume, but Yume was her favourite underclassmen. Should she tell her and should he respect her friends secrets (not that it really was a secret)?
  • In public, whenever together, they seem like a cute and perfect couple (and they ignore the fanfics), but in private, everyone knows that they’re both shy dorks that can’t help but make everything awkward. It’s okay, because all their friends know they’re trying their best

Nozomu - Yozora

  • Because they are both sexy- type idols (probably?), they maintain a relationship mostly on beauty talk and the like?
  • They are both pranksters (although not on the level of Asahi and Yuzu) and often like to mock the other six
  • Nozomu is seen with Yozora the most often, apart from her brother Asahi, because they feel that they are very fluid with each other and not awkward. They are able to maintain long conversations when they are with each other because of their similar likes and interests
  • Yozora knows about Nozomu’s ‘likely’ infatuation with Yume and would like to tease him about it
  • “If you don’t be quick then Subaru will be sure to snatch her away before you can even lay a hand on her ;)”
  • Whenever Nozomu is over at the S4 dorm, Yozora would make him do yoga even though he knows he’ll probably snap a bone or something
  • Yozora uses Nozomu as an information book to blackmail Asahi
  • “I heard that yesterday you woke up at 4:20 to show dank memes to your members and caused them to be late to a very important schedule.”
  • They often visit each other at their performances and concerts. One time Yozora managed to get a backstage pass to M4’s concert and and absolutely scared the life out of Nozomu when he was getting his makeup done
  • Sometimes people mistake them for a real couple because of their perfect aura and interaction, even though they are merely friends who should not be placed in the same room together

Kanata - Tsubasa

  • They get along really well apart from the fact that Kanata thinks that Tsubasa is way too overbearing for him
  • Tsubasa is very dominant in their friendship and it’s usually Kanata following her biddings
  • The two have known each other for quite a while, since their first year, and are quite close even though their personalities clash
  • The last time Kanata was over at S4’s dorms, he ended up getting lectured by Tsubasa about the school rules and how males weren’t supposed to be going into the female dorms
  • He was way too scared to tell her that she was the one who invited him in the first place
  • Tsubasa is striving to find out more about her mysterious friend because she realised that she didn’t know anything about him apart from his immediate details (and the fact that he seems to have an interest in HER underclassmen Ako
  • Because of their vocal ranges being the lowest in their respective groups, they once performed a duet together and received a lot of praise from the media and the school has been contemplating making them a unit (but they never got to it because they were already busy enough and the school probably forgot anyways)
  • Kanata really admires Tsubasa for her acting skills and her motivation to achieve her goals (because he really can’t act for his life)
  • Tsubasa also returns the favour because she knows that Kanata’s dancing skills are on par with Yuzu (like how does he do that without falling?)
  • The two have a pretty good relationship with them admiring each other’s talents and they were probably the most comfortable with each other than the others (apart from the sibling pair, of course)

Asahi - Yuzu 

  • Here we welcome the two little punks and the youngest members of their respective groups. 
  • Those two plan ways to mess with their “senpais” together and thrive off the thrill that they get from messing with their friends. 
  • First they find some rainbow hair dye and slip into Hime’s shampoo. To say the least she wasn’t the least bit impressed when she had to go to the salon to bleach and retrieve her blonde hair back. In the distance, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the sounds of a wailing Asahi being scolded by Tsubasa and Yuzu and Kanata snickering together. 
  • Yuzu wakes up one morning and finds herself stuck to the ceiling. A video recording of Asahi discussing his latest prank revenge plays below. (“HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME, YOUR GRAND, FANTASTICAL, KING OF PRANKS PARTNER TO FEND FOR MYSELF LIKE THAT!”) 
  • Doing maths homework together, because honestly, why do they even teach maths at an idol school. They’ll be lying all over the floor whining to one another while nothing gets done. Afterall, those in the same maths classes should be sticking up for each other. 
  • Anime marathons together where they make fun of everything and laugh at the most stupidest things. “Who makes these weird plots. Look at the way that childish blonde stalks his sister.” “He reminds me of me.” 
  • Yuzu one day attempted to teach Asahi how to breakdance but we can all say it didn’t end well when he accidentally tripped over his own foot and broke his arms and left leg. 
  • Ultimately, together they’re just the most hypedballs of fluff that have too much energy to contain that they must spread that energy in the form of annoyance.