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Ok , then can u do Gom as fathers when their baby ( you can choose their sex ) first steps they look cute and they are hit the wall or fall hard ( something funny or scary or cute ) u can choose that , I'm so excited for that , thanks a lot ❤️

Here ya go! Wow, this was an adorable request quq I loved writing daddy GOM TwT I hope you like it as much as I did! ;w; ))

Akashi smiled softly at your small baby boy, seated down beside you in your living room. For about two weeks now, your baby has been fumbling about all over, crawling around the baby-proof rooms of your home. You two thought he was just about ready to walk, so here you were, encouraging your son with bright, excited looks on both of your faces. 

“Come on, you can do it~!” You chimed to your baby, watching as he looked between you and your husband. “Come to mommy and daddy~ We know you can do it~” Akashi cooed along with you, the two of your clapping your hands and giving the little boy words of encouragement. With the positive words of his parents, the small child shakily stood on his feet, giggling now as he started to take his first steps.

“Ah, there you go! Seijuurou, look how cute he is~!” You squealed, holding onto his arm for a moment with a proud gleam in your eye. “He really seems to like it!” He chuckled as you both looked down at your son the closer he waddled to you. You held your arms out at the ready together in case the small boy fell, but the gleam in your child’s bright red hues seemed to have no fear with each step he took.

However, when he stood in front of you two, he seemed to lose his balance and fell back on his bum, a laugh leaving him as he clapped his hands. 

“Oh God,” Seijuurou sucked in a breath as you picked up your baby, peppering his chubby cheeks in kisses. “Our baby - he’s so cute…I’m so proud of him…!” He couldn’t help but say with utmost pride, just so happy that his child actually walked. “I knew he would be walking soon! He has his father’s determination~” You commented, smiling sweetly at your husband as the baby boy reached up to play with Akashi’s shirt buttons. “He’s going to do great things when he’s older,” He smiled back, kissing your lips softly before gently taking his son’s hand to kiss his palm, too.

“I know he will.”

“Damn, how the hell are you supposed to work this thing?”


“Why is this so difficult?! It’s just a dumb old video camera!”

“Honey- Honey, the red light is blinking. It’s on.”

Aomine blinked at this, turning the camera in his hands to face him so he could see the light. “Oh,” He laughed. “My bad.” Shaking his head, he turned the camera back on you and your baby boy from just across the carpet. “So, here we are with my absolutely gorgeous wife and my favorite little panther! Looks like he’s finally ready to walk!” The tanned male narrated, smiling proudly at his little boy. “Look at him! That face of determination! He’s ready to tear up that floor!”

You laughed at that happily, shaking your head as you gently fix the dark blue hat on your baby’s head, a little hair of your color visible by the edges. “Daiki, you’re making him sound like a warrior or something when he’s really just a big sweetheart.” You snickered, kissing your baby’s forehead as he giggled and looked up at you with eyes almost identical to his father’s. “What?! He’s a killer, _______! Look at that face, babe! He’s scaring me!” He insisted, zooming in on the child’s face.

The little cutie turned to the camera and giggled more, grabbing at the air in its direction.

“Oh yes, the scariest finger painting killer ever~!” You laughed, playfully tickling at your baby’s tummy, making those cute giggles of his come out more. “So, you ready, babe? Can I let him go to you?” You asked as the large male sat by the coffee table, setting the camera up so it caught all three of you. “Yeah, you can let him go! Let’s see him walk!” He chimed, pumped, ready to see his son in action. 

“Already, go on, little one~” You cooed, kissing your baby’s chubby little naturally tanned cheek before letting him go. “Go to daddy~” You encourage, watching as he turned those large oceanic blue eyes at you before turning back to his father. On shaky, chubby little legs, the small boy stood back up and smiled brightly up at his father, making grabbing motions with both of his hands.

“Yeah, that’s right, son! Come to daddy!” Aomine encouraged, outstretching his arms to your son as he started to waddle over to him and rather quickly at that. “Look at him go!” You laughed happily, clasping your hands with a bright look to your eyes as you watched him rush over to his dad. He really did love both of his parents quite a lot. “He’s doing great! Eyes on the prize! You got this!” He encouraged his son the closer to him he got.

Yet, when he had made it right in front of him, the poor baby seemed to lose his balance and fall forward.


You both panicked and called out your baby’s name, already shuffling over to him, but the sweetheart already lifted his head to see his parents beside him. He smiled happily at the sight and made grabbing motions at you, not at all seeming hurt. You both let out a breath of relief at this as Aomine picked his son up to set him on his lap. “Well, he made it pretty far.” He commented, smiling at you proudly as you gently stroked your baby’s smooth little head.

“Yeah, he did. Our baby really is quite a scrapper…~”

Kise squealed in excitement in your baby girl’s room with his hands clasped together, bouncing in place. “Look at how cute she is in her little dress, _______-cchi! She looks so happy!” He chimed out, gesturing to the blonde baby on your lap. “She really does love her dresses, Ryouta~ We should get her more today!” You commented, gently fixing the skirt of your baby’s dress so it laid out correctly. “Oh, most definitely! But first, let’s see that baby waddle, Hima!” He cheered, smiling brightly at his giggling child.

“Alright, sweetie,” You carefully set your baby down on her feet, helping her stay up in balance. “Go to daddy! Go to daddy, sweetheart!” You encouraged, smiling at her brightly before she started to waddled out of your grasp towards her father. Happy as can be, she reached out to her daddy the closer she got, her little red and white polkadot dress swaying about with her clumsy motions. Her little legs, however, still weren’t exactly ready to walk a great distance. So, when she was just a little ways away from her father, she tripped forward.

Luckily, though, her daddy was there to catch her.

You let out a breath of relief when you saw him pick up his baby, smiling at her brightly as he kissed her nose. “That’s my courageous little model! Wow, you’re gonna rock that catwalk when you grow up~!” He chimed out proudly, hugging her close to him as she laughed and began to play with his locks of blonde hair. “_______-cchi, wasn’t she amazing~?!” You laughed and nodded happily, moving over to join them. “She was spectacular~ She’ll make an adorable model~” You cooed, gently pinching her chubby little cheeks.

“You know what? We should get her nice big hats today, too! She can toss them in the crowd to all her adoring fans~!”

Kuroko turned out to be a very protective parent over his little baby girl. He had taken it upon himself to baby-proof most of the house, padding up dangerous corners and such in any room the baby was mobile in. Oh boy, and when you said she may start walking soon, it only worried him more! Of course he was excited, but still. He never wanted anything to happen to your baby girl.
So, when the day came to try, he was ready.

“Alright, we should be fine now.” He commented after setting down the soft padding on the floor where the baby would walk upon, having even put a pillow down in front of him in case she fell forward. “I’m ready for the oncoming baby, _______-kun.” He told you with a smile, getting ready to catch his baby in case the situation called for it. “Oh, Tetsu~” You giggled, kissing your blue haired baby’s sweet little head before setting her wriggling form down on the padding. 

“Go on~ Go to daddy~” Looking up at you with eyes of wonder, she looked back at her father when you gestured to him and started to move, the little bunny pajamas she was wearing shifting about when she stood to walk. It looked like the tail actually wriggled! Adorable! “Okay, Yuki-kun, just take it one step at a time~ That’s it~” He cooed gently, smiling in a proud, bright manner as she approached him.

However, once she was in front of the pillow, she blinked and sat back down, grabbing at it. Giggling because of how soft it was, the small child wriggled it around at her father, smiling happily at him. He smiled back down at her softly as she played with the pillow and you joined the two, wrapping your arms around your husband from behind so you could rest your chin on his shoulder. “Isn’t she adorable? See, Tetsu? She’s fine~ Have a little faith~” You cooed, kissing his cheek. “I know, I just…I want to be a good dad to her.” He responded, gently reaching out to stroke his daughter’s head.

“You’re an amazing dad, Tetsu. You don’t ever need to worry about that~”

“_______? _______! Get in here quick! I think he’s finally going to try!”

Midorima certainly was excited about this! For a while, your baby boy has been standing on his feet, just about to walk, but always fell back into his seat. You and your husband have been happily awaiting the day the green eyed baby boy would finally take his first steps and it seemed like it was finally happening! Shakily so, he stood up on especially wobbly legs, trying to keep his balance with those large eyes of his trained on his father.

“What? For real!?” You called, rushing into the living room from the kitchen, having been getting your baby’s formula. Your eyes brightened when you saw he was on his feet, his eyes locked on those of his father’s as he took a shaky first step. “I knew today was going to be a lucky day…!” Midorima commented, holding his arms out towards the small child while you watched from the doorway. It was almost as if you thought even moving an inch would ruin it. 

“Oh, Shintarou, he’s doing so well~!” You exclaimed brightly, biting your lip with a brilliant smile. You couldn’t believe it was finally happening! One step, then two, then three! Ah, he was actually moving! Always keeping his arms outstretched to maintain some sort of balance to himself. It was the sweetest thing you ever did see!

However, just as the poor dear made it half way, he seemed to have lost his footing and fell back on his bum, making his large eyes water with tears.

Crying filled the room and you and Midorima were quick to rush to your child’s side. “Awe, come on, it’s okay. Mommy and daddy are here…” He cooed to the small boy once he was in his arms, gently bouncing him in place. “Shh, shh, don’t cry, sweetheart…” You murmured softly, gently wiping at the tears on his cheeks. Sniffling, the little boy whimpered at his parents and took a gentle hold of a lock of his father’s hair in one hand while the other held onto one of your fingers. You both smiled softly at your son when he seemed to calm down because of the contact, the love in your little family more than just visible.

That little boy always felt safe when he was with his mom and dad, after all.

“Atsushi! Oh God, Atsushi!”

“_______-chin? Are you alright?!”

“Hurry up here! Come to Hana’s room!”

Heavy footsteps could be heard rushing up the strairs of your home as Murasakibara ran over to your baby girl’s room. Concerned, he looked into the colorful room to find you sitting a little ways away from your baby as she seemed to be…standing on her feet! “Atsushi, I think she’s gonna do it this time! She’s gonna walk!” Your husband’s eyes brightened considerably at this and he immediately made his way to your side, sitting next to you.

Wobbling quite a bit on her feet, the purple haired baby girl looked up at her parents and stretched her arms out to them as she actually began to walk for the first time. “Ah, _______-chin~ Look how cute Mini-chin is~” Murasakibara cooed to you, smiling sweetly at your baby girl. ‘Mini-chin’ was a nickname he had bestowed upon your child when she was born since she had features of both of you and was so tiny. She could even sit pretty well on the palm of his large hand, too!

Watching in excitement, the two of you made sure to keep a careful eye on your baby as she made her very first steps in case she may need help. You two didn’t want her to get hurt, after all. “She’s absolutely adorable~ We have the cutest baby ever~” You beamed, smiling happily as your baby got a little closer. Though, the poor darling tripped on her foot just as she got in front of you and fell forward, but thankfully you had a quick reflex to catch her.

This, however, didn’t stop the little girl from crying. 

“Awe, Hana, it’s okay…! I got you!” You cooed to your crying baby, scooping her up to craddle her in your arms. Your husband frowned sadly at the sight of her, not at all liking when she was upset. So, he leaned down and gently nipped at her nose in a toothless manner to get her attention. “Hey, Mini-chin, look at me~” He mused, starting to pull at his own cheeks and stick his tongue out in hopes of making her laugh with silly faces. Following his lead, you smiled and started to make silly looks as well, still bouncing her in your hold. “Look, Mini-chin, don’t cry~ Laugh for us~” He cooed on.

It all seemed to work, too, since a smile angled your baby’s lips at the sight of your faces, soon followed by happy giggling.

You and your husband smiled softly at the sight as you rested your head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around your waist. “She has such a cute laugh~” You marveled, nuzzling into his side as your baby made grabbing motions at you two. “Well, she is our baby~ She’s the cutest little sugar ball ever, _______-chin~” He responded, squeezing you a little closer.

“What’s to be expected when she has the sweetest father ever~?“