Yuketen AW14 Pitti Preview

Mr. Yuki Matsuda’s label has now become a mandatory visit whenever I’m at Pitti. As a footwear aficionado, it’s hard not to drool when faced with Yuketen’s extensive collection, comprised of trademark designs that are constantly elevated to new levels, be it through subtle aesthetical tweaks or core construction techniques. 

Although some particular models may be somewhat over the top for my personal taste, the common denominator for all things Yuketen is superb quality and craftsmanship. Starting with skilled artisans who resort to traditional construction techniques, up to the high-end materials and attention to detail, every single item transpires authenticity and love for the product (this goes for both shoes and accessories). 

Some of my personal favourites included a beautiful derby shoe with ripple soles, available in supple leather and suede, along with an updated version of the Maine Guide Boot with silver Concho and hand-painted beads.

Ph: Beyond Fabric

Layering details with pieces from @norseprojects and @still_good


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Yuketen Spring / Summer 2012

The acid test for any shoe is how they stand up to the rigours of day to day wear, and let us tell you from experience, it doesn’t get much better than a pair of Yuketens. Yuketen only use the finest leathers and suede, sourcing from tanneries such as the famous Horween workshop, and their shoes are all hand sewn onto ultra-durable amazonas rubber crepe or Vibram soles. As such, not only will every pair of Yuketens last for years, but due to the effort that goes into the dying, waxing and finishing of the leather, they will become more comfortable and look even better with age. - Endclothing