Yukes are cool, my poses are lame

I like the idea that they are only souls inhabiting armor n junk and i like the idea that they are sexless and choose their own gender or whether they want one at all–

Anyway, this one is a Dragoon that Jumps High and Wrecks Shit.

Wow they need a name huh.

On their left hand they wear a Ring of Cure and a Ring of Life. The red kerchief they wear belonged to a friend and caravanner that was killed.


LOOKIE WHAT I WON IN AN AUCTION! It’s so beautiful >3<

This is basically a box full of FFCC goodies that were sent out to video game stores around the country for the employees to use/wear/put on display. Since many employees either kept theirs or threw them away when they were done with them, it’s really, really, REALLY hard to find this stuff. Let alone find a complete box BRAND NEW AND UNOPENED.

I’m on cloud nine over here *faints* It’s all so gorgeous XD

Just how awesome can this be, when you found out that one of your favorite artist dropped by your gallery and checked out some of your artworks.  

Ms. Katarzyna “Yuke” and her beautiful art just happens to be the core inspiration of my almost all the stuff i ever did. Awesome outlines, awesome colors, just pure Awesomeness.

She’s an awesome artist i tell you, a person i really look up to when it comes to art.

Go Check her Gallery