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As some of you already know I had new Hiroko Katsuki outfit in my plans. It was pretty sudden decision… About week ago I saw new official art from “Yuri!!! on Festival” event. It was a strike right through my heart! I made yukata pattern in next 2 hours after seeing that art and ordered material with that pattern.
And here I am now, week after that :D
I love this new design!
My hapi (this grey “jacket” on my back) is even shiny inside! ( just like haori of rich man!)

Stay tuned because I’ve got two another new cosplays and I will show them to you soon!


Sakura Miyawaki - Instagram - Sun 23 Jul 2017

赤チェック×金魚×青チェック帯です😮✨ 浴衣は、派手な柄が好きなんだなぁ🤔✨
#summer #浴衣 #red #blue #check #japan
Yukata I bought myself for the first time in my life👘
Red checker x goldfish x blue checker band😮✨ I like its fancy patterns🤔✨
#summer #yukata #red #blue #check #japan

Sakura Miyawaki - Instagram - Sun 23 Jul 2017

今日の髪型は、らんま1/2のシャンプーちゃんを意識❤️ 後ろめのお団子を二つ作って、リボンを巻いたり垂らしたり〜🎀
Today my hair arrange resembles that of Shampoo-chan from “Ranma ½"❤ I made double buns from behind, with rolled up and hanging ribbons🎀
When you’re wearing a cute yukata, Shampoo-hair is recommended😊

#shampoo #hair #hairarrange #red #金魚 #❤️
#shampoo #hair #hairarrange #red #goldfish #❤️


(Adventures in Wano: story 2)

It’s a day late but here’s a story for 4th day of the 10 Days of LawLu! Once again, it’s a collaboration with @yumenofude​ who did this wonderful sketch!

. ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚.

To say that Luffy had missed Law while they’d been apart was an understatement. It was glaringly obvious from the way that he crawled into Law’s lap at every convenience to the way he always found an excuse to be by his side. He even insisted they eat, bathe and sleep together as if it would make up for lost time.

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This is for Yuuri Week Day 7: Free Day 

It’s Yuuri goldfish scooping at a festival with Victor and Phichit! ^_^ I LOVE the Yuri on Festival yukata patterns, so this gave me a chance to draw them! :D

So this is the last day of Yuuri Week! I’m so excited that I was able to do all the days, even if a few of them were a bit rushed! ^_^ All of the prompts were super fun and it was great to see everyone’s wonderful Yuuri-themed artwork (and now that I’ve finished all my drawings I’m looking forward to reading all the fanfics too)! ^_^ Thank you @yuuriweek2017 for organizing this! ^_^ 

Yay, I got my first prompt up for Soriel week!  Yay!

Originally, my plan had been for them to be watching fireworks at the end of summer in Japan, hence the yukata, but then I couldn’t get them to both look right while looking up, and also I always avoid having them look at eachother, and I liked this light pallet, so we went with a day trip instead. 

Also, I initially was going to have Toriel and Sans wear snail and hot dog patterns, respectively, but when I was looking at yukata patterns for reference, I noticed the larger trend towards nature, so I put them outfits representing their “home” towns of the Ruins, with fall leaves, and Snowdin, with snowflakes.  The puns then came from there, which is good, because hot dog jokes are too dirty, ha ha.

The “yukata” pun within the comic is supposed to sound like “you gotta”.  I hope that was clear enough.

(Part 1) Sanji x Nami hints - 373

With Oda recently granting us some glorious moments of Nami and Sanji I once again wonder why this pairing isn’t more popular? Personally I think it makes a lot of sense IF Oda ever decide to make any romantic relationships within the crew. (I know he’s said there won’t be any romance, though it’s debatable, but if there is Sanji and Nami seem quite likely.)

I’ll make this into a series of posts, because there are many things to bring up as possible hints. First I want to talk about their names… and numbers.

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Rumor Has It pt.4

Fourth chapter is here! It is my personal favorite part in the story and I had so much fun writing it.  Warning: MAJOR FLUFF AHEAD. Enjoy!

Summary: After transferring into Fairy Academy, Lucy Heartfilia quickly befriends with her seatmate Natsu Dragneel. She also becomes the center of attention as “Lucky Lucy”, having given the beauty, brains and money everyone wanted. But maybe she isn’t that lucky after all, as wherever she goes, rumors are sure to follow her! But Natsu won’t have any of that.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV,

When he saw her standing by herself amongst the crowd, Natsu remembered why he stopped on his tracks the first time he saw her by the school gates and why he kept glancing at her when she sat beside him on their first day of classes.

“Beautiful,” said the small voice in his mind as he looked at Lucy.

He was never one to stop and appreciate clothes but this time he couldn’t help it.  The Sakura-patterned yukata she wore complimented her flushed pale skin and her obi showed off her thin waist and the swell of her breasts. And to complete the look, she had her hair up in a golden bun with a crystal bauble to hold it in place.

Suddenly, he felt so underdressed with his red jacket, white shirt and faded jeans get-up.

He wanted to go home and change. Maybe he could grab a yukata from Igneel’s closet. He remembered seeing a few in there once.

But too late, Natsu realized, when Lucy found him and smiled. The sight jarred him, confused as to why his heart raced at that. It was just Lucy, his best friend, who happened to look extremely beautiful that night. Why was he even thinking of changing his clothes to match her?

He shook his head, whisking away the errant thoughts and smiled back at his friend. Then he walked over to where she stood under the lamp post.

“Hey.” Lucy greeted, her soft smile turning into a radiant, full grin.

“Goddess,” said the voice again. Natsu tried his best to ignore it as he stumbled with his reply.

“H-hey.” He croaked, not realizing how dry his throat was. He cleared it as softly as he could then tried again. “Hey there. You look great.”

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anonymous asked:

Nijimura and his s.o going to a festival together! (They coincidentally wear matching yukatas.)

The crowd was a bit overwhelming, all around you adults and children alike filling the street and taking up space at the booths that lined the festival. Each person, wearing their own vibrantly colored clothes and costumes, passed in front of you at intervals, creating a wave of hues. At points it became hard to look through, your eyes wanting to jump from one person to the next.

“Ah, there you are.”

The sudden hand that latched itself onto your wrist would have been startling had it not been accompanied by a familiar voice. Glancing up from the booth you had been standing near, you flash a smile at the male holding on to you.

“Shuuzou, you found me.” The surprise in your voice was nearly palpable. How had he maneuvered through the crowd and picked you out of all the people there?

He let out a breath, lips forming into the sort of half smile he gave you sometimes; the one he reserved for when you were missing something obvious and he was waiting for you to catch on. When, after a few seconds, you still hadn’t caught on, he let out a short chuckle before gesturing between you two.

“It was a little easy, considering your outfit.”

Glancing between your body and his, a flush of color stained your cheeks when you noticed all the similarities. From the color to the pattern, your yukata was practically the same as his; the only real difference was in the cut and style.

“How could I not notice you when you’ve practically copied my style?”

“S-Shut up,” you stuttered, trying in vain to weakly defend yourself. “How was I supposed to notice we were wearing the same thing? I was too busy looking at your face!”

It was a weak comeback, but it still had the desired effect of making Nijimura falter for a moment, his teasing grin dropping in favor of an embarrassed and confused look. You didn’t miss the chance to watch as hues of pinks and reds crossed his cheeks, his momentary fluster obvious. But being the way he was, it only lasted a moment as he covered his mouth with his free hand, coughing into it once to rid himself of further embarrassment.

“Man… That was cheesy…” He murmured lowly to himself, unsure whether he had a good comeback to your bad flirting or not. “A-Anyway, what did you want to do first?”

Internally reveling in your one victory over Nijimura, you responded with a quick, “Let’s catch some goldfish!”

“Don’t you already have five fish back home?” Despite his complaints, Nijimura walked with you toward the booth where pools of fish were waiting to be captured.

And despite the fact he could easily spot you in a crowd, he still kept his hand interlocked with yours the entire night.

anonymous asked:

Hey guys do you have any tutotial on how to make an easy female yukata pattern? Thankyou! ♥

Hi Anon! <3 

There are a LOT of resources out there for this! I’m just going to link things! 

Commercial Patterns




Drafting a Pattern

In Japanese - Part 1, Part 2 





Good Luck with your cosplay! I hope this helped! <3 

<3 L2S Cosplay