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So Makoto slaps an NPC who's upset after a bad breakup, ending with the NPC running away crying and Makoto apologizing (offscreen) later after thinking about it, and she gets praised by fans for how kind she is. Yukari slaps Mitsuru in a situation where it actually makes sense, Yukari apologizes immediately after the slap, Mitsuru totally understands why and the two immediately make peace and bond over it, but Yukari gets hated and called a bitch by the fandom for it?


congratulations on being resurrected from death, boys

“After I lost my parents…and Futaba lost Wakaba, she was in a pretty depressive episode for a while. I took her to this Comiket thing to try and cheer her up, and we met the Pink Argus Ranger. Apparently she rarely attends the cons, and is somehow the busiest actress of the bunch, so it was a real treat to catch her here. Never thought I’d see Futaba smile so widely again…”

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yeah, I’m like a supahero when it comes to lovin’
yeah, I pack a punch, back it up Batman and Robin
you stutter ‘n stutter,
‘n stu, stu, stu, stutterin’
I can’t hear the sound comin’ outta your mumblin’~

cupid ain’t got nothing on me
you lock and load your eyes on me
oooo~ yeah, I know that you do~

your heart makin’ that boom boom sound
I can’t hear a word comin’ out
oooo~ yeah, I know that you do~

one of my contributions for the P3 charity zine, AMOR FATI. the books have been shipped and i sincerely thank you so much for supporting our project and its cause!!! ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙