What is wrong with everyone lately?

Give me a reason why everyone is believing what this Akira guy is saying all of a sudden? You want to know why no one defends him? It’s because he’s a middle aged man!! A MIDDLE AGED MAN. Doesn’t he have better things to do than “reveal” private things about a young girl? It shouldn’t be worth his time at this point. He should really focus on living on with his own life. What’s all this “The people need to know” nonsense? Who the fuck needs to know? Do you people really care about someone’s life you know absolutely nothing about that much? You guys act like these sorts of things never happen. I mean to put all your trust into someone you’ve only known over the internet is so irresponsible. She was a young, so yeah, I give it to her that she was naive; it was a mistake. But him? No. He’s old enough. He should be able to take care of himself. This is all a huge mess and all she did was try to start over and live her life the way she wants. Why couldn’t he do the same? Why bring all this back up a year later? It’s not worth it. She obviously got over it a long time ago. WHO CARES who she dates. WHO CARES if she dated someone older and it went sour. WHO THE FUCK CARES.

Let the two of them deal with it.

As for Akira. Dude. Calm down. You’re not the one who was publicly humiliated. She was. Don’t play victim so much. “OH NO, a teenage girl hurt my feelings.. what ever will I do!?!?”
Be a grown up. And I don’t think the way you’re going about all this is appropriate.
You are causing problems for yourself for doing all this.

To the fans/anti-fans,
Everyone has an public image. She chose a more fabulous one over the internet. Of course it was an act. Don’t be surprised that she’s a growing teen like the most of you who are all reading waaaay more into this than you should. She likes a wide variety of things and personalities change when you get older. It’s called growing up and out. Don’t act like it’s the first time anyone has ever went through it. It’s not a big deal she’s not all sunshine and jellybeans.

Everybody poops you guys..everybody poops.

I, personally, respect her more for handing all this as well as she has.
From what I know of her after being her friend, she’s very sincere. She tries very hard to make others happy and I think she deserves better than all this.

Keep being a boss ,Yuka! GANBARE!! FIGHTING!!!♥