These are a few of the LBM selfies I have at my disposal right now. I think a couple of my friends have more selfies with me on their phones but oh well 

Captions on the pictures. I am really trying to keep up with my weekly selfie. I had a great weekend with my friends that’s for sure <3 

Also with the ones not in the pictures here. I am just so happy to have you guys in my life to pull silly faces with and spend the best days of the year with you <33

So I lately went through my photo folders in order to organize them properly

There was the first day I met Änna I still need that video again from me phoning lol
The first day I met Vanessa which was a convention I organized with other friends as well
The first day I met René - and the first day that we talked with each other a while later, which was also the first day he and Vanessa met and our little group started forming <3
The first day we met Yuka and all those little meet ups that summer with her and René and Marcel but let’s not talk about Marcel
And now I am going through pictures of the day I first met Mary two years ago and I am just so happy I could really cry

These days and all the little meetups since have saved me. I don’t know where I would be today if they hadn’t happened and I feel so blessed to know you all. You guys are part of most of the happiest days and memories of my life and I just wanna say thank you for being my friends cause you obviously had a lot of other options but you kind of chose me and that’s awesome. And I love you all


Somedays I actually cry because of how much I miss my friends.

They mean the world to me. I am never as happy as I am when I am with them. We laugh and pull funny faces, and I just generally feel loved by them in a way that I haven’t experienced before. I am not afraid to be myself or express my thoughts around them. And seriously I wish I could see them more often so I would have to miss them less

Guys you obviously know who you are, and I just wanna say, thanks for over 4 years of your amazing friendship.