I heard it was Jily Week so I had to get out all the Jily. 

Not that I need an excuse to post Jily because I love them and their love. And I could totally do ten more photoshoots with my lovely friends in these costumes. 

Worn in winter for a mini shoot and a convention and then in summer for a photoshoot at a Castle here in Germany 

Lily Evans

James Potter

Photography by me (Rina


Hey! Happy belated New Year and sorry for the long delay!

Since we finally got the cover for the last book of Cassandra Clares amazing book series “The Mortal Instruments” have a little set of my different Isabelle Lightwood costumes

Special guests for this post are yukafreak and morfiantra as Alec and Clary! My cosplays wouldn’t be as fun and amazing without them and my other friends.

Especially my best friend rina-hatakeda also on her personal blog ​​@fandomasylum who not only mastered runes so well that she is basically prepping us all before a shoot, but also finds the most amazing locations and took these stunning pictures of us (and also edited the pretty on me)



Somedays I actually cry because of how much I miss my friends.

They mean the world to me. I am never as happy as I am when I am with them. We laugh and pull funny faces, and I just generally feel loved by them in a way that I haven’t experienced before. I am not afraid to be myself or express my thoughts around them. And seriously I wish I could see them more often so I would have to miss them less

Guys you obviously know who you are, and I just wanna say, thanks for over 4 years of your amazing friendship.


Who are we fighting for? GRYFFINDOR!

Happy 1st September everyone. I hope you didn’t have trouble getting onto the train? ;)

You see I had no choice but to upload these pictures today. They’ve been lying on my harddrive for a while now

I should mention that konecos-cosplay made both these costumes, I helped her out with the props (including two snitches) and with putting the names on the back of the robes the day before the convention - but otherwise it’s all her doing.

Now credit where credit is due:

We have konecos-cosplay as Ginny Weasley 

Then there is yukafreak as Harry Potter

And louslovebird as the lovely Luna Lovegood spending two amazing days with us <3

Photography by me (@rina-hatakeda)