yujiro hattori


Decided to finally give Inktober a shot! I’m doing it digitally, since sadly I don’t have any traditional inking materials, but I’m having fun with it! In accordance with Voiceoctover happening on my YT channel, I decided to draw a character I’ve voiced for each day! Since I’ve started late, I streamed for about 4 hours the first 7 days’ worth of illustrations. So far, I’m pretty happy with ‘em!

-Khoury from Pokemon DP: Galactic Battles

-Alcor from Hunter: Relic of Stars

-Detective Mikolaj Gurski from Jisei/Kansei/Yousei

-Oswald Factorbuilt from Primordia

-Ruut2 from Wonders of the Universe

-Yujiro Hattori from Bakuman

-Cru from Phonics Adventure