Nagao Mariya's blog [Unknown Date]

Ohayou gozaimariya!

I just woke up!

Aaah, Yui-chan (blushes)

Yokoyama at this time of day!

Yo.. Yokoyama!


Regarding yesterday’s phone conversation:

Yoko: Hey, Yagi-shan.
Naga: What?
Yoko: Yagi-shaan. Yagi-shan Yagi-shan Yagi-shan ♪
Naga: What is it…?
Yoko: Mariyagi-san, let’s live together!

She asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An invitation to live together from Yokoyama-san!

How exciting (laughs)

But I said no ←

I’m still going to school so… after I graduate, okay? …. I answered for real (laughs)


In charge of washing: Yokoyama
In charge of cleaning: Nagao
In charge of cooking: …?

There’s a bit of a problem over who’s going to cook for us.

Nagao Mariya's letter to Yokoyama Yui translated

-Yokoyama Yui’s Seitansai-

To Yui

Good evening.

Yui, Happy 20th birthday.
Yui is already twenty years old

When I first met Yui, was it three years ago at this time?
Because there were lessons, Yui would come to Tokyo each time and return via the night bus, and head back to school. I think that was really hard.

At the start we were not that close, and not that bad either, we were just from the same generation. But, gradually we became close when we stayed over, went to the supermarket, made hamburgers, went out to play together, talked together, and unknowingly, Yui became a very important presence in my life.

During the first concert, everyone who was in the same generation were chosen for the unit songs, Yui and I were chosen for the same unit. Before the venue, I received “It will be the real performance soon right?” that sort of mail. I remember feeling very frustrated.

But, even though there were many inadequacies, and even more things to consider about, the only thing I can do is to desperately do my best right now.

Because there is Yui, I need to work hard too.

When that sort of Yui entered senbatsu, and appeared on televisions and magazines frequently, and successfully acted as the Gishin angi senshi honmayan this sort of weird role, I was really happy.

Because Yui has always been working hard, that’s why there is the Yui today, this was what I thought.

Because it’s Yui, right now, she would definately still be practicing her dancing and singing until late night right?
As just like that, fall sleep on the sofa?
Even though it’s not obvious usually, but wouldn’t you feel uneasy, or lonely?
Yui would rarely talk about herself. If there was something, sometimes once in a while, let’s talk about it. Because I’m a close friend. I would rush over immediately!

On the day Yui was promoted to a full member, didn’t Yui-chan cry alot? Yui-chan’s behaviour is not readable at all. Crying so much it became hyperventilation(laughs)

Because I usually do not write this sort of letter, that’s why I wasn’t sure what to write.

But, in any case, I love the Yui who is straightforward,  hates to lose, who works hard, and is respected by everyone.

From now on, continue to be my close friend.

From Nagao Mariya

Thank you for the seitansai!
The flowers are lovely too
Please continue to look after the 20yr old me☆

まりやからの手紙泣かされた( ; ; )ありがと~
I cried as the letter was from Mariya ( ; ; )thank you~