Nagao Mariya's blog [Unknown Date]

Ohayou gozaimariya!

I just woke up!

Aaah, Yui-chan (blushes)

Yokoyama at this time of day!

Yo.. Yokoyama!


Regarding yesterday’s phone conversation:

Yoko: Hey, Yagi-shan.
Naga: What?
Yoko: Yagi-shaan. Yagi-shan Yagi-shan Yagi-shan ♪
Naga: What is it…?
Yoko: Mariyagi-san, let’s live together!

She asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An invitation to live together from Yokoyama-san!

How exciting (laughs)

But I said no ←

I’m still going to school so… after I graduate, okay? …. I answered for real (laughs)


In charge of washing: Yokoyama
In charge of cleaning: Nagao
In charge of cooking: …?

There’s a bit of a problem over who’s going to cook for us.