I GOT MAIL! Halloween mail!

@yui930-ff15-nsfw send me Halloween spooky stuff! I love it!~ It makes me want for Halloween to get here faster! I’m hyped!

I’m sorry for my shaky pictures orz my body has been giving up on me for the past couple of weeks and one of my hands is weak AF right now. Holding up stuff is a struggle at the moment.

The box that was thrown at me by my brother even after I told him not to >/

!!!! it’s cute c:! Halloween!

What’s this tho? !!!

Champagne!!! c: time to get drunk during Halloween! Yeesss!

Look at this Fancy letter, It’s waxed sealed and I’m not even sure how I’m going to open it but it’s too cool!

Nyatis in the back c: cute~

and pretty postcard~

all the presents on my bed c: I love the mini-cup noodles omg! It’s so tiny!~


The book opens~ It has a cute cat and ghost, I love it

The candy’s wrapper is so cute, it’s all different and adorable. I already ate one cuz I’M INPATIENT! orz ignore my bandages plz I been cutting myself a lot lately lmao

Thank you tons luv! I love everything!