Some time ago I was watching openings from animes I watched when I was younger and then Corrector Yui came to me. I had feels and I remembered this ship/OTP <3 And well, then I searched for the episodes and skipped through them and my inner fangirl came out again, so here you have some Yui and Synchro!

I drew them by heart (except for some details of Synchro’s hair, I had to look how it was :’D) and I’m surprised it looks pretty similar to the original! hahaha

Expect more drawings of these two ~

The human correctors were chosen due to their familial ties to comnet programmers. Yui’s calling wasn’t exactly accidental, but a logistical error where I.R. chose the nearest available candidate from the file database when Haruna was unavailable. Weren’t Ai’s parents comnet programmers, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to transform into a corrector.

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