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The Duke of Edinburgh, in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, attended the Parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge on the Buckingham Palace Forecourt on August 2, 2017. This was the Duke’s final public engagement as he “retires.” He still may make appearances with Queen Elizabeth at his discretion.  

Since 1947 he has done:

  • 22,220 solo engagements
  • 637 foreign visits 
  • 5,496 speeches 

Photo by Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images

I’m only on episode 13 of my Gundam Wing re-watch, but I re-read some of the Episode Zero manga earlier and now it’s breaking my heart thinking about how pretty much every main character in this show has a low sense of self-worth and how this often translates to them being potentially if not actually suicidal, especially at the beginning of the series. I mean:

Someone get these kids some therapy. And maybe a life-time supply of hugs.

anonymous asked:

Do the Mukami brothers ever find out that Karlheinz wrecked their lives?

Ruki takes a while to accept it and he contemplates telling his brothers.

What originally stemmed this was Ruki having a flashback about his father turning into this pissy abusive shithead because this new political dude (Trismegisto トリスメジスト how do romanize) knocked him off his position. In one of his talks with Christa (who I thought died in DF but ok XD), Ruki asks Christa to tell him stuff about Karl. She mentions he was like devil, the devil Trismegisto. And Ruki’s like WHOA WAIT. That guy was mentioned in my dream by my dad???

(~˙ ・ω・ )~  So Ruki goes on this investigation journey. Travels to his homeland and ends up reading documents from a library in Romania about the town revolutions and Trismegisto. (*´_ゝ`)  It was mentioned somewhere that this dictator banned abortion, so the rates of homeless/abandoned children skyrocketed. I see the correlation now… There’s more information but it’s unrelated to this ask.

Anyway, Ruki denies it for quite some time before going on that Europe journey. The library scene was pretty damn specific and matching to Karl. He goes back and is just really shocked/depressed. (Kino and Yuri followed Ruki to the library to spy on him).

His brothers welcome his return and give him a photo album. Yui was included in the album because she’s part of the family d’aww. Karl didn’t take pictures often, but there’s one photo of Karl with the 4 of them and they make comments like “It’s like a father with his sons!” щ(ಥДಥщ)  ADD SALT TO THE WOUND WHY DON’T YOU. shh they didn’t know. Ruki just loses it then and runs out in tears almost. His brothers think he’s grieving over Karl’s death and was emotionally moved by the album.E eeek. Ruki ends up back at the Mukami house and goes into this spurt where he gives a shit less about Eden. He ignores the incoming letters from familiars.

Eventually, Kino ends up telling Yui and she gets upset that Ruki had to bear it all on himself. He always has to bear everything on his own. Not only that, Ruki refused to tell his brothers for quite a while because he didn’t want to hurt them or break their family up.

But in the end, he does tell his brothers. The brothers are hurt of course. 

(੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾ But they say without Karl’s bullshit they wouldn’t have the best family in the world. I cried at this part because it was so touching. CUE THE CG WHERE THEY ALL ARE CRYING OUT OF FAMILY LOVE.